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ENAiKOON founder Markus Semm to give a speech on Keypad-Mapper 3 App at FOSSGIS 2013

Markus Semm, managing director and founder of ENAiKOON, will be speaking at the FOSSGIS 2013 conference about Keypad-Mapper 3, an ENAiKOON-developed Android app that allows users to record house numbers and addresses for OpenStreetMap (OSM).


Mr. Semm will be giving his speech on Thursday June 13, 2013 at 11:30. The three-day conference will take place from June 12 – 14 in Rapperswil, Switzerland. FOSSGIS (Free and Open Source Software for Geographic Information System) is a German-speaking association founded in 2001 with the goal to promote free and open-source GIS software. Their conference participation has grown over the years with over 400 participants each year. For those interested, visit for registration and further info.

Keypad-Mapper 3 is an easy-to-use, new version of the well-known Android app that records the GPS coordinates of house numbers so that users can add them later to OSM. This free app records house numbers, saves address data, takes GPS photos to support the mapper when entering the data in JOSM, indicates the GPS reception strength of GPS and GLONASS, and exports the recorded information. This app was developed for the free contribution and development of free map data, the source code is published on GitHub. Anyone can install this app and start collecting house numbers without any extra cost. ENAiKOON believes that everyone should have access to free navigation software and map data, and this app will help create a complete database of map data. To contribute to OSM, all you need is an account with, acquire house numbers, and upload the collected data to the OSM database.

It’s that easy! Keypad-Mapper 3 is now available for download on Google Play


ENAiKOON supports “Duo auf Reisen”

Kai Bagus is a 47 year-old man from Freiburg, Germany, who has been suffering from HIV since 1998. He is the one in the 3-wheeled Duo on tour to raise HIV and AIDS awareness. ENAiKOON proudly supports Kai on his journey from Freiburg to Vladivostok. We equipped his Duo with our GPS tracking device, the locate-04, allowing followers to track Kai’s tour on inViu web or inViu routes.

Kai Bagus

Having extensively worked and volunteered in AIDS prevention education, his goal is to give a positive face to being HIV positive, impart courage to those suffering from HIV, and raise awareness of the disease. The “HIV Aufklärungstour” (HIV Enlightenment Tour) will take Kai through Southern Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and Mongolia over the course of 5 months.


The vehicle used on tour is the Krause Duo 4 2, which is a German 3-wheeled moped created for those with disabilities. The tour kicked off on April 23, 2013 and Kai is currently riding through the Ukraine. Follow his journey in real time, on your Android phone using the inViu routes app or on your browser by logging into ENAiKOON’s inViu web.


Password: Kaibagus2013

Kai regularly posts his inViu location on Facebook and Twitter. Like the Duo auf Reisen Facebook page or follow @kaibagus on Twitter.


NFC in the Hotel Industry

The striking new technology of NFC has been offering unprecedented features for the hotel industry. Guests can now check into their rooms using their smartphone as a key. People can easily gain travel information with a touch of their phone. We see how NFC can benefit the hotel guests, but how can it help improve the actual hotel operation?

Before we get into hotel solutions, let’s talk about NFC. Near Field Communication uses a reader, or an NFC-capable smartphone, to read data on NFC tags. The ENAiKOON NFC solution records the time and location of the tags read using the Android app, inViu NFC-tracker. This information is then sent to the ENAiKOON server where the data can be further analysed on the inViu pro web portal.

A hotel manager’s job is to oversee the entire operation, from the restaurant to house cleaning. Keeping an eye on every employee can be challenging, especially with so many different departments. One of the ways to monitor employee tasks is using NFC technology. Equipping mobile workers with an Android smartphone will allow them to use it to check into certain rooms, floors, and sections of the hotel. Housekeepers can easily follow special requests per room and maintain a flawless schedule without any paperwork. Security staff can log their patrol routes by scanning NFC tags throughout the hotel, eliminating all paper logs.

Once the manager logs into inViu pro, all of the tracked employees and their activities will appear. This is a great way to manage employee tasks, especially those tasks that are location specific. Reports generated from inViu pro will eliminate all other paperwork, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency for all employees.

To learn more about the ENAiKOON NFC solution, visit or contact ENAiKOON for a tailored solution for your hotel


inViu routes: the route recording Android App

inViu routes: the route recording Android app that manages and shares your routes, POIs, and GPS photos

We are proud to introduce our newest addition to the inViu app family: inViu routes.
We are particularly excited about this app because of its comprehensive features that will attract travellers, geocachers, and outdoor sport enthusiasts as well as families and small businesses wanting to keep an eye on their assets and people.

It’s the only GPS app out there that is integrated with a backend server, allowing the user to do so much more than just record routes! This ad-free app is now available on Google Play for free download!

Let’s explore the robust list of features this app has to offer. inViu routes allows the user to:


Record routes

This feature is great for anyone wanting to record certain travel routes, and special locations or photos associated with the route.
Record a road trip and all the scenic stops you make, or hiking trails and the beautiful views from the top of a mountain.

Create POIs and GPS photos

Points of interest (POIs) and GPS photos are useful for anyone wanting to know the exact location of particular places.

Share data with others


You can share any route, POI, or GPS photo via any installed app on your phone. This includes e-mail and social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter. It provides an easy way to share locations with all the important GPS information.


Set location-based reminders




Unlike time-based calendar reminders, inViu routes allows you to configure notifications depending on a specific location. You can receive notifications when you enter or leave a geofence or when someone enters or leaves a geofence. They can be text reminders or voice memos that get played as the notification. This feature is great for busy, on-the-go people that go to multiple recurring locations.

inViu_routes_geonote_ inViu_web_geofence


Turn your phone into a GPS tracking device

That’s right. Installing this app on an Android phone is a great, money-saving option to buying an expensive GPS tracking device! Simply register for a free ENAiKOON iD within the app or online in inViu web, the free asset tracking software, and watch where the phone goes on the integrated map.


Monitor multiple trackables

With inViu web, you can register up to 4 devices at no charge! This means you can monitor family members to ensure their safety, or manage the locations of employees for small businesses. You can set e-mail notifications for when a trackable enters or leaves a certain location.
Explore all of these features for free without any ads! If you would like to monitor more than 4 trackables in inViu web, contact us for a monthly software subscription package that suites your needs.

Testing inViu routes


Download app from Google Play on your Android phone now or use the QR code – try for free!


inViu routes
Webportal inViu web
More information





How to monitor your data usage for Android

As Android mobile phone internet usage use has become more prevalent, so has the average rate of data usage among users. Many plans allot for as little as 250 MB per month to the highest data usage allotment of 10 GB. To get an idea of what you can do with a monthly allotment of 250 MB, you can watch around 15 youtube videos and visit around 1000 text-based websites (ie. blogs or reddit), but usage can easily sneak up on you in the form of automatic updates of your email, facebook or twitter accounts, the use of games with sponsored advertisement, or GPS navigation applications. On most tariffs, the user is allowed 250 MB of fast internet and for the rest of the month is only allowed use of a vastly slower connection speed (called “throttling”).


inViu traffic-counter


Likely this “throttling”, however annoying, will be replaced by overage charges. According to a leaked T-Mobile memo, recently released to TMOnews , T-Mobile can no longer compete with their low-range 200 MB unlimited data plans and will replace it with an overage fee system whereby the user would pay a few pennies for every MB used.


Furthermore, visit any mobile phone forum and you will find customers dealing with large fees because they hadn’t monitored their data usage. Like this man, recently reported in the BBC who was charged in one-month 200£ overage fees just for using his facebook application.


For Android users, to assist you to monitor your data usage, ENAiKOON is presenting inViu traffic-counter, the user-friendly, sleek, ad and cost free app to objectively monitor your mobile data usage for your Android.


– daily, monthly and total traffic amount
– sent and received data
– adjustable daily limits for pre-paid users
– adjustable monthly limits
– alert for when a pre-defined percentage of data allotment is reached
– available in English, French, German and Spanish
– privacy protection, ie. surfing data is in no way discernable
– both free and ad-free


Connect: Google play and download the Android data monitoring app