Mobile Resource Management app


Mobile resource management app
ENAiKOON mobile resource management app for increasing the security of your assets on the go


Facility Management


Our client is among one of the largest facility management companies in Germany. To their credit, they have managed the engineering division responsible for the Allianz Arena in Munich. Currently, they are responsible for managing the construction of the Kalrsruhe train station.


The Karlsruhe rail station is being built in the city center of Karlsruhe with typical construction plans for a major train station. The trucks supplying the building site with materials may not interfere with normal traffic. This makes it necessary for our client to have only a small number of trucks delivering supplies at a given time. Furthermore, many residents complain about trucks causing traffic delays and noise, and these complaints must be refuted with proof.


The routes driven by the trucks must be continually monitored and verified. Our client explains, “We searched for a practical solution where we could use a tracking device that would not need to be continually installed and removed. Fortunately, we found this solution with ENAiKOON. The new Android app, inViu routes, is exactly what we needed. The app starts to record the route as soon as the phone starts. The route recording and app settings can only be altered with a secure PIN-number. We are also thrilled about both the map view, where we can see more than 20 different routes at the same time, and the detailed reports of the compiled data.” The recorded GPS positions are transferred in real time to the online software, inViu pro.


The mobile resource management of the construction site went smoothly as they were able to monitor and give directions to each truck driver. They fulfilled their obligation of not interfering with normal traffic. “Everything had immediately worked with ENAiKOON’s solution, remarked our client. The Android-App has all the important functions and security features complemented by an all-around useful web portal (inViu pro).”

The following devices, accessories, applications, and plugins were used for this solution:

Galaxy Mini 2

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