Tracking & Tracing


Our solutions offer
online fleet tracking
  • real-time localisation
  • records direction, altitude, and speed
  • set unlimited ‘geofences’: user-defined virtual fences that send alarms when exiting or entering
  • extensive activity reports
  • can give access to third parties to monitor deliveries or rentals
ease of use
  • simple and attractive user-interface
  • software fully customisable
  • no limit on number of vehicles or geofences
  • accessed through mobile phone or web browser
  • wireless configuration
theft protection
  • proven solution for theft recovery
  • device operates off battery when ignition is off
  • no more unauthorised use
Further information
Uses in the field
  • logistics and transport
  • rental companies
  • commercial fleets
  • courier companies
  • taxi and limo services
  • field service
  • towing companies
What our users say…


“With ENAiKOON’s telematics solutions we increased the performance of our vehicles by 40% and customer satisfaction with our improved efficiency.”
security and theft protection

Security and theft protection

“Without the telematics solution from ENAiKOON, we would not have gotten the car back, leaving us with the damages.”

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For a free and detailed look at inViu pro, our online fleet management software, simply click on the button below and then click on demo above the sign in box.
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Find out first-hand what ENAiKOON’s online vehicle tracking solution can do for you. Request for your free trial now!
How it works
The installation is quite simple and once installed, require virtually no maintenance. The device sends machine data to our secure servers in Berlin, Germany. This machine data is then uploaded into our backend software, inViu web.
Remotely control and manage your assets anytime, anywhere with inViu pro seamlessly integrated into your business. A variety of software plugins allows you to create a tailored construction telematics solution designed to meet your needs.
Monitor your vehicles and drivers in real time, set geofences and take control of your business operations with online vehicle tracking. The picture above shows a geofence used along the border between Germany and Poland, if a truck goes over this, then an alarm is instantly sent.
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