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The requirements for telematics are different for every company.
With 10 years of experience, we can advise you on your individual solution.
“With ENAiKOON’s telematics solutions we increased the performance of our vehicles by 40%.”
Karsten Hiehle, CEO of LEGEND, Dresden
ENAiKOON case study on dispatching
For a free and detailed look at inViu pro, our online fleet management software, simply click on the button below and then click on demo above the sign in box.

How it works
The advanced, technical aspect of our devices allows it to locate and analyse a wide range of remote data collection.
inViu is ENAiKOON's online fleet and tracking management portal
Remotely control and manage your assets anytime, anywhere with inViu seamlessly integrated into your business. A variety of software plugins allows you to create a tailored telematics solution designed to meet your needs.
ENAiKOON mobile: easily protect your business by keeping an eye on both your team and assets using our mobile business applications.
Mobile phone software complements ENAiKOON’s modern telematics solutions. Always have an overview of your business with a simple glance using inViu routes.

An ENAiKOON story in every industry
Find a client testimonial or case study in your sector

Logistics planning

“I’ve never used such a useful service that is so fast and easy to implement.”


“With ENAiKOON’s telematics solutions we increased the performance of our vehicles by 40% and customer satisfaction with our improved efficiency.”

Fuel-theft prevention system

“While other solutions have failed, ENAiKOON fuel-tracker has proved its effectiveness against fuel theft.”

Construction equipment management

“For me, it is important to have all of my units equipped with ENAiKOON devices because then I can better coordinate and control which equipment is being used and where it is operating.”

Maintenance program

“We can plan every upcoming inspection and routine maintenance that are included in our full service plan that are determined by date, operating hours, or distance travelled.”

Container Management

“With the stand-alone tracking device ENAIKOON locate-15 every day we receive a current location update for all of our containers. This is perfect for our container management”

Construction equipment rental

“Access to equipment data, such as operating hours, battery condition, and loading times, at any time is of the utmost importance to us. Furthermore, the ENAiKOON telematics system enables us to produce rental contracts precisly.”

Guard tour management

“The ENAiKOON system is cheaper in the acquisition and the running costs, as compared to an industry-specific solution system. The permanent data transmission and localization of the devices are big advantages. If checkpoints are missed, we immediately get a message about it.”

Security and theft protection

“Without the telematics solution from ENAiKOON, we would not have gotten the car back, leaving us with the damages.”

Timber theft

Soon after the ENAiKOON locate-18 was installed, theft of lumber was discovered. The thieves even brought the lumber to the exact same sawmill that took the normal shipments.

GPS tracking app

“Everything had immediately worked with ENAiKOON’s solution. The Android-App has all the important functions and security features complemented by an all-around useful web portal (inViu pro).”

Everyday security solutions

Your family and assets are well protected with our everyday security solutions. Learn more

Cold chain monitoring

“With this new technology, the chamber atmosphere is perfectly synchronised with the type of goods and its optimum temperature.” Transport, time, and delivery are optimally coordinated with each other to provide their guarantee of an unbroken cold chain.

CAN bus fuel management

Their goal of a 10% decrease in fuel costs per driver through enhanced driving behaviour is now within reach. Apply this to 50 long-haul trucks for a savings of almost $ 300,000 per year – the cost of two new trucks.
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