Can 66


ENAiKOON can-66 give you access to all of your vehicles' CAN bus data

ENAiKOON can-66

ENAiKOON can-66 is a plugin that allows you to read and analyse CAN bus information from your tracked vehicles. It will help you monitor the condition of your vehicles, cut costs, and streamline daily operations.
In the field
Any industry requiring vehicle or fleet management: transport, logistics, taxi, service delivery, construction, freight, and vehicle rental companies.
Main features
Gain access to the fleet’s entire CAN bus data with this plugin, including fuel levels, speeds, and engine conditions. Monitor and analyse this information for better maintenance and performance of your vehicles. It even collects driver behaviour data, allowing you to create customised driver training which can help reduce fuel consumption and lower your vehicles accident rate. Knowing how much fuel is in every vehicle at all times lets the dispatcher select the vehicles tactfully for certain jobs and make adjustments accordingly.
Packaged combos
ENAiKOON can-66 + ENAiKOON locate-06 + ENAiKOON messenger + inViu pro = savings up to 10% on fuel and communication costs, fewer unplanned repairs, and the ability to train employees how to drive cost-efficiently
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