The ENAiKOON capacitive fuel-level sensor is the perfect solution for monitoring the fuel level and fuel consumption of trucks, stationary tanks, construction equipment, generators, etc.
ENAiKOON seat sensor is a state of the art pressure-sensitive device that detects weight changes on vehicle seats.
It was built for easy installation and it is suitable
In the field
Used in the transport and logistics industries where it is not allowed to transport foreign passengers with the company vehicles. Also used in taxi industry and passenger transportation.
Main features
The ENAiKOON seat-checker reports in real time the seat occupancy and detects weight changes exceeding 15 kg. He can be installed non-detectable and is suitable for all vehicles in the market. Automatic alerts in case a seat is occupied which should not be occupied will be send by e-mail.
Packaged combos
ENAiKOON seat-cheker + ENAiKOON locate 04 + inViu pro = accurate GPS positions and real-time reports about occupancy and also historical data.
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