Fuel Tracker


ENAiKOON fuel-tracker monitors your fuel consumption allowing you to save money

ENAiKOON fuel-tracker

ENAiKOON fuel-tracker is a plugin designed to help you cut fuel costs by efficiently preventing fuel theft and monitoring the fuel consumption of your entire fleet.
In the field
Any industry requiring vehicle or fleet management: transport, logistics, taxi, service delivery, construction, freight, and vehicle rental companies.
Main features
This plugin is able to collect all information related to your fuel tank. It records the fuel tank fill level for every fill-up so that you can match the recorded amount with the receipts. It also calculates the fuel tank level and matching distance, allowing the dispatcher to easily determine when and where the vehicle should be refilled with the best possible fuel price. Furthermore, it sends automatic text message (SMS) or e-mail alerts whenever an unusual amount of fuel is being consumed – even when the ignition is turned off – making it possible for you to prevent fuel theft.
Packaged combos
ENAiKOON fuel-tracker + ENAiKOON messenger + inViu pro + ENAiKOON locate-04 + ENAiKOON fuel-level sensor = a better overview of your fleet and your employees, see your vehicles’ fuel tank level data in real-time, and protect your vehicles from fuel theft.
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