Fleet Telematics



You would like…

Simple and fast communication

  • Optimal operations management
  • Send clear instructions quickly and easily
  • Real-time updates of arrival time and remaining distance

Fuel consumption + wear and tear reduction

  • Fuel savings through driver training and adjustments to vehicles
  • Less wear and tear
  • Fewer and less costly trips to the maintenance shop

Fuel consumption and fuel level controls

  • Real-time alerts in cases of theft
  • Real-time fuel consumption rates and tank level
  • Determination of remaining range

Temperature monitoring

  • Measurement and recording of temperature
  • Display of temperature in real-time
  • Alerts for when temperature is abnormal
  • Ensure uninterrupted cold-chain management

Trailer monitoring

  • Location
  • Routes
  • Theft protection

Branch sheets

Fleet telematics solutions
ENAiKOON messenger

ENAiKOON messenger

Improve internal communication with your mobile employees with written messages and job assignments.

ENAiKOON can-66

Provide tailored driving training to your fleet drivers.

ENAiKOON fuel-tracker

ENAiKOON fuel-tracker

Save money by monitoring fuel consumption and preventing fuel theft.

ENAiKOON temp-checker wertet die gemessenen Temperatur-Daten aus und alarmiert bei Über- oder Unterschreitung von Schwellwerten

ENAiKOON temp-checker

Continuous monitoring of temperatures with an alarm that is sent whenever the temperature falls below or goes over predefined values.

ENAiKOON locate-15

ENAiKOON locate-15

With a battery life of up to 10 years, the ENAiKOON locate-15 is our most robust and durable GPS tracking device.

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How it works

gather and send information from the fleet telematics devices

all important information available at a glance

employee management and mobile data access

ENAiKOON fleet telematics

inViu is ENAiKOON's online fleet dispatch portal

ENAiKOON fleet dispatch mobile application

The sophisticated and reliable telematics devices allow for real-time tracking and remote data capture that are sent to the backend software. The tracking device, ENAiKOON locate-06, is adaptable with many add-ons that make it customisable to many different operational situations.

Remotely control and manage your assets anytime, anywhere with inViu pro, the construction management software. A variety of software plugins allows you to create a tailored solution to meet your every need.

Mobile phone software complements ENAiKOON’s modern telematics solutions. The Android app inViu routes sends the location and status information of your site manager and foreman and it also displays the location of all of your construction equipment and vehicles.


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