ENAiKOON locate series
The ENAiKOON locate series is made in germany and uses GPS satellite positioning and mobile data communication to deliver status updates and GPS positions of your vehicles and mobile assets to inViu via our secured servers. Find out which of the locate devices can help track your assets.
Using Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, ENAiKOON RFID devices transmit data from electronic TAGs attached to mobile objects to inViu via radio frequency. Automatically identify and locate personnel, assets, and equipment with ease. Tag your assets and monitor them on inViu with the ENAiKOON RFID devices.
ENAiKOON Inmarsat series
Our ENAiKOON Inmarsat products consist of powerful devices capable of transmitting data even without a GSM network anywhere in the world! Learn more about the Inmarsat series.
ENAiKOON offers a full range of accessories and sensors that can enhance your GPS devices
Upgrade your ENAiKOON devices with our wide selection of accessories and sensors. Integrate displays for instant messaging, the driver-id identification system for timekeeping, or a temperature or motion sensor to monitor your machinery and equipment performance. View our full range of accessories to enhance your ENAiKOON solution.
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