Open Street Map


ENAiKOON supports OpenStreetMap©
OpenStreetMap© (OSM) is the open source project with more than 3,000,000 committed, mostly voluntary, Internet users with the lofty goal of creating a free world atlas.
OSM collects information about streets, railway stations, rivers, forests, buildings, and other features that generally appear on maps. The OSM team collects the data itself rather than copying from existing maps and, for this reason, all rights to the data are owned by OSM. The OpenStreetMap data can be used and re-edited by anyone under a free licence.
ENAiKOON understands the benefits of this project for the general public and the world of politics and business. Their managing director, Markus Semm, is now a member of the OSM Foundation. The company is involved with OSM in many different ways, including both commercial and social interests.

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These projects are all of different nature and background as our commitment goes far beyond our own commercial interest.
The OSM map data is an integral part of our software.
Many of our customers use this map on a daily basis for the most efficient dispatching of their fleets.
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