XML Database Structure


Retrieval of remote monitoring device data
from the ENAiKOON M2M-commserver

Use this tool to access the position and status data of any ENAiKOON remote monitoring device. On the following screen, you can either choose to enter your own criteria on the right or fill in the pre-arranged fields on the left in the XML structure. As a result, an XML structure will be displayed in both cases, containing the requested data from the respective ENAiKOON remote monitoring device.

Your login data

 Serial number:   
 Start time:   
 End time:   
 Maximum number of records:   
 Order (ASC = ascending, DESC = descending):   
 Limit waiver (1 = jes, 0 = no):   
Data format for input of time: ddmmyy-hhmm
If the start time or end time is left blank then the last saved data for the serial number will be given.
Reference for positioning data markup language: GPRSDATA.DTD | GPRSDATA.DTD.zip
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