Tour Checker


ENAiKOON tour-checker

 ENAiKOON  tour-checker

ENAiKOON tour-checker is the plugin that allows you to track and identify delays in your fleet’s driving routes, helping you to successfully complete the job and react quickly to avoid additional costs.
In the field
Used by an array of companies in the following industries: public transportation, cleaning service, security guard, logistics, health care, and nursing home.
Main features
Use tour-checker to create the most efficient routes for driving jobs to save fuel and increase productivity. This plugin allows you to set up tour frequencies for recurrent destinations and stops on the road. With customised geofence capabilities, it can also notify you whenever there is a deviation from the plan, giving you time to react accordingly.
Packaged combos
ENAiKOON locate-04 or ENAiKOON locate-06 + ENAiKOON driver-id + inViu pro + ENAiKOON tour-checker = optimised tour organisation and team / fleet management for quality service.