ENAiKOON antenna is used for accurate GPS reception.
ENAiKOON antennas are essential to having accurate GPS reception. It is important to provide the correct antenna for each solution.
Main features
ENAiKOON offers a diverse range of antennas to fit each customer use and need. To guarantee optimal performance of the antennas, it is important to install them in the correct location on the tracked device. In addition, good calibration of the antennas to the receiver will increase sent and received information quality from the antennas. The high-quality manufacturing of the antennas will add to the performance output of the GPS devices.
Antennas are available in the following diverse range of designs:
  • roof antennas
  • window antennas
  • individual antennas
  • GSM / GPS combined antennas
  • and many more
The signals received from GPS satellites are very weak because the satellites orbit the earth at an altitude greater than 20,000 km; therefore, in the interest of having good GPS reception, it is extremely important to carefully select the right GPS antenna and determine the optimal installation location.
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