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Why GPS monitoring and tracking?
You need to know, where all of your vehicles are? What the operating hours are for all of your construction vehicles and on which construction site they were working? In addition what is the locaiton of all of your employees? You need protection from theft and loss? These questions and more can be answered by the ENAiKOON web portal inViu reliably and in almost real time. Our geofence technology provides reliable information about any unapproved changes to location.

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inViu pro 50 units and up € 7.90 monthly inViu pro 5 units and up € 9.90 monthly
No charge for the use of the app to view the locations of all vehicles
price for device: 50+ units 69 €* 25+ units 74 €* 5+ units 79 €*

optimise your business processes

the following data is available in the ENAiKOON online software:

  • location: current position of all trackables
  • travelled routes and driving behaviour
  • online map with search and route planning abilities
  • idle time and operating hours
  • geofences with alerting
variety of historical data available for analysis automatic reports per email saves time and effort
* price per device plus device-setup

stay informed with mobile data access

inViu routes is the perfect app to organize your business from anywhere:

  • current location of vehicles displayed on an integrated map
  • current distance to the location of vehicles
  • routes travelled by all vehicles
  • tracking of vehicles in real time
  • widget for quick access to the position of a particular vehicle

safe and reliable GPS tracking device

ENAiKOON locate-03 installed in the vehicle:

  • remote shut off capabilities
  • integrated GPS / GSM antenna
  • all required cables (power supply and I/O)
  • 1050 mA/h backup battery
  • vibration sensor
  • wireless data transfer (GPRS)
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