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Tracking containers with GPS
gps container tracking solution

ALBA Electronics Recycling GmbH
Eppingen, Germany
Jean Ziemann, Manager


Waste Management and Recycling


ALBA Electronics Recycling GmbH is active in the waste management industry across Germany and other European countries. They have more than 600 containers in service, all of which are set up at various recycling centres. The containers are picked up when full and sent to the collection centre for recycling.


The allocation of the valuable recyclable materials for pick-up from the various locations is done through a central collection system (WEEE) used by various waste management companies. It often happens that a full container belonging to one company is accidentally picked up by another, which is exactly what happened to ALBA R-plus on several occasions. Since these containers are filled with valuable recyclable materials used to extract raw materials, losing one of them is problematic for the company. Lost containers are difficult to locate, not knowing which competing company has mistakenly taken them. The other danger is that the containers can be stolen for use in other bordering countries.


“With the stand-alone tracking device, ENAIKOON locate-15, we receive a current location update for all of our containers every day, which is perfect for our container management,” comments Jean Ziemann, manager of ALBA R-plus. “The use of excel lists for our container accounting is a thing of the past.” The integrated map in inViu web displays the exact location of each container, making it easy to identify the trade flow of recycled goods when a competitor gets a contract to pick up the materials. Most importantly, their long search for missing containers is over. “All we have to do is look in inViu web for the container location so that we can retrieve it for use again.”


The combination of inViu web and the locate-15 is the perfect system for container tracking, offering all the services important for waste management. With a battery life of up to 10 years, the tracking device can be hidden within the container long term and is virtually maintenance free. The inexpensive ENAiKOON SIM card transmits data in real time, allowing users to increase their reaction time when the unexpected occurs.

The following devices, accessories, applications, and plugins were used for this solution:

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