ENAiKOON battery
ENAiKOON batteries are the power source for your tracking devices that come with a primary cell or rechargeable batteries.
In the field
Used in logistics (for trailers, temporary containers, and containers), recycling and waste management (for dumpsters, containers, and compactors), and construction (for attachments and machines without their own power supply).
Main features
Offers power for our devices that rely on an external power supply. Our batteries can last up to 10 years with one position report per day. The battery life depends on the frequency of position reports and the device’s ambient temperature.
Technical details
There are three different types of batteries:
Primary cell
ENAiKOON primary cell battery
High-performance battery that has a lifespan of up to 10 years. It is particularly useful for inaccessible devices or machinery that are constantly in use. These batteries can also be used as an internatl power supply of the black boxes used for large aircraft.
ENAiKOON rechargeable battery
This large battery has an average lifespan of up to 8 months with the transmission of multiple position reports per day. It is useful for devices that can be recharged regularly.
Rechargeable back-up
ENAiKOON rechargeable battery
This small battery is used in emergency cases. and can provide back-up power to a tracking device.
ENAiKOON rechargeable battery
When the external power source is interrupted due to vandalism or theft, the tracking device will continue working and send an alert.
Packaged combos
Primary cell battery + ENAiKOON locate-15 = longer lifespan and regular position status updates
Rechargeable battery + ENAiKOON locate-17 = independence from an external power source
Rechargeable back-up battery + ENAiKOON locate-04 or ENAiKOON locate-06 = position status updates even when it loses its external power source
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