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At ENAiKOON, we offer a wide range of advanced telematics solutions such as in-vehicle terminal assistance, automatic vehicle identification systems, incident detection systems, fleet operation management systems, and remote vehicle diagnostics. Being one of the leading telematics service providers, our servers monitor over 30,000 mobile objects around the world.

Our technology supports small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) within the transportation and construction industries with clients such as FLD food logistics, eberle-hald, and Rühlmann Bau. Organisations such as the UN, German railway, and German postal services also use ENAiKOON’s technology. Together with ADAC, Germany’s largest automobile club, we provide precise traffic reports and improved traffic control.

We have also developed a powerful interface for the DHL-platform. Hardware is manufactured exclusively in Europe and our software is constantly being updated, developed, and adapted to each client’s specific needs.

ENAiKOON’s ability to solve almost every problem in any industry with its telematics solutions has drawn the attention of notable companies, such as Vodafone, who have entered into distribution partnerships to work exclusively with ENAiKOON. Vodafone has recently honoured ENAiKOON as “Vodafone Solution Partner Premium” for the financial year 2012 / 2013, the most prestigious title given to their distribution partners.

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ENAiKOON is one of Vodafone's Premium Solution Partners
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Founder of ENAiKOON
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