Our solutions offer
GPS Positioning
  • Localisation of assets
  • Displayed on map
  • Geofence function for monitoring movement
  • Route and shipment tracking
  • Container monitoring
Container monitoring
  • Management of container logistics
  • Management of multiple containers and groups
  • Management of various locations and client groups
Long distance tracking
  • 10 year batter life with one response per day
  • Worldwide tracking with INMARSAT
Status messages
  • Levels (ie. 75% / full)
  • Breakdowns
  • Transport
  • Operation hours of drives, motors, hydraulic units
  • Temperature
Theft monitoring
  • Area monitoring with geofences
  • Detection of movement with vibration sensor
  • Alarm for unauthorized use
  • Remote shutdown
What our users say…
Container Management “With the stand-alone tracking device ENAIKOON locate-15 every day we receive a current location update for all of our containers. This is perfect for our container management”
Maintenance program “We can plan every upcoming inspection and routine maintenance that are included in our full service plan that are determined by date, operating hours, or distance travelled.”
Branch sheets

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How it works
gather and send information from the tracking devices
ENAiKOON container monitoring devices
all important information available at a glance
inViu is ENAiKOON's online container monitoring software
employee management and mobile data access
Container monitoring with ENAiKOON mobile
The advanced technology utilised in our devices allows them to locate and analyse a wide range data over any distance with pinpoint accuracy. The tracking device ENAiKOON locate-04 is the foundation of our solution, providing tracking and data collection.
Remotely control and manage your assets anytime, anywhere with inViu pro. A variety of software plugins allows you to create a tailored solution able to monitor and track your containers in almost any situation.
Mobile phone software has been developed to make container monitoring accessible anywhere. The inViu routes Android application is utilised as the quick and simple version of the comprehensive inViu pro, instantly displaying your containers, assets or employees through any Android smartphone.
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