inViu Mobile Apps


inViu mobile apps

Experience the innovative and comprehensive collection of useful GPS apps on your mobile phone. inViu mobile apps will allow you to:

  • get locations, routes, POIs, and photos on a map
  • collect GPS positions from cell towers
  • view satellites in orbit and their strength
  • access directional and speed information with a compass and speedometer
  • remotely control the mobile phone in case of loss or theft
  • have anti-theft protection
  • monitor and control data usage

Sign in with your inViu username or register for a new account. Once logged in, a user can view updates of locations and routes instantly on inViu. Every user can monitor up to four objects at no extra cost.

Download the free versions
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inViu routes


Save and share favourite routes, POIs, and photos with friends using routes. Post your actual position or GPX / KML files on Facebook or Twitter. The map in inViu web / pro displays all trackables with its location and timestamp.



Gain access to mobile employee information such as user identification, position reports without GPS, worked hours, and activities completed, as well as sending location coordinates in inViu pro.


Use this to view the daily, monthly, and total accumulated data usage over the GSM network. Program it to send a notification when the data consumption exceeds the customised daily or monthly limit.



This feature will display precise GPS coordinates as status updates and indicate whether GPS reception is available. When on the go, use the practical speedometer for travel speed information with the analogue or digital display.

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