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inViu traffic-counter
inViu traffic-
inViu traffic-counteris an indispensable tool that keeps you informed of your current data usage. Your daily, monthly, and total accumulated data consumption is clearly displayed. Stay abreast of your data limits with the alarm function, letting you know your data usage before you exceed your limit.
inViu traffic-counter at Google Play
Main features
GSM traffic-counter
  • displays data traffic: daily, monthly, and total
  • displays sent and received data amount
  • choose between B, kB, and mB
  • adjustable daily limits
  • adjustable monthly limits
  • set alert notifications for when a pre-defined percentage of data consumption is reached
  • turn on/off the display of disconnections
  • reset function available
General information
  • available languages: English, German, French, and Spanish
  • help function available
Packaged combos

traffic-counter + GPS-details + mobile-protector + routes = all GPS apps are a perfect match

The inViu traffic-counter app is available for download on Google Play:

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