Keypad Mapper 3


Keypad-Mapper 3
Mapper 3
Keypad-Mapper 3 makes it easy to record the GPS coordinates of house numbers to enter later into OpenStreetMap. This app is the 3rd generation Keypad-Mapper available for the OpenStreetMap community, and improves on the older generations..
Keypad-Mapper 3
keypad mapper
keypad mapper keypad mapper keypad mapper keypad mapper keypad mapper
Main features
  • records house numbers
  • saves address data
  • takes GPS photos for entering in JOSM
  • audio note button to record a voice memo
  • record button for start/stop recording
  • indicates the GPS reception strength of GPS and GLONASS
  • exports the recorded information
General information
  • available languages: English, German, Greek, French, Russian, and Spanish
  • choose between metric or imperial measuring systems
  • help function available

Read about ENAiKOONs engagement for OpenStreetMap

Presentation of Keypad-Mapper 3 at SOTM in Birmingham, Sept. 2013

Why record house numbers?

Free navigation software requires free map data, and although the free OSM data provides a good basis for navigation programs, they are only as good as their data. This is why house numbers are essential to building a reliable map database in OSM.

With this app anyone can help compile house numbers for the OSM database by simply installing the app! Not only is it contributing to a great open source project, it’s also fun, entertaining, and easy to do while you’re walking the dog or out for a stroll. The collected data can be added directly to OpenStreetMap. All you need to do is set up an account at, edit the acquired house numbers, and upload the data to OSM. After only a few minutes, the world’s new acquired house numbers are displayed in OSM.

The Keypad-Mapper 3 app is available for download on Google Play:

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