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How to monitor your data usage for Android

As Android mobile phone internet usage use has become more prevalent, so has the average rate of data usage among users. Many plans allot for as little as 250 MB per month to the highest data usage allotment of 10 GB. To get an idea of what you can do with a monthly allotment of 250 MB, you can watch around 15 youtube videos and visit around 1000 text-based websites (ie. blogs or reddit), but usage can easily sneak up on you in the form of automatic updates of your email, facebook or twitter accounts, the use of games with sponsored advertisement, or GPS navigation applications. On most tariffs, the user is allowed 250 MB of fast internet and for the rest of the month is only allowed use of a vastly slower connection speed (called “throttling”). inViu traffic-counter Likely this “throttling”, however annoying, will be replaced by overage charges. According to a leaked T-Mobile memo, recently released to TMOnews , T-Mobile can no longer compete with their low-range 200 MB unlimited data plans and will replace it with an overage fee system whereby the user would pay a few pennies for every MB used. Furthermore, visit any mobile phone forum and you will find customers dealing with large fees because they hadn’t monitored their data usage. Like this man, recently reported in the BBC who was charged in one-month 200£ overage fees just for using his facebook application. For Android users, to assist you to monitor your data usage, ENAiKOON is presenting inViu traffic-counter, the user-friendly, sleek, ad and cost free app to objectively monitor your mobile data usage for your Android. Highlights: – daily, monthly and total traffic amount – sent and received data – adjustable daily limits for pre-paid users – adjustable monthly limits – alert for when a pre-defined percentage of data allotment is reached – available in English, French, German and Spanish – privacy protection, ie. surfing data is in no way discernable – both free and ad-free Connect: Google play and download the Android data monitoring app