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Affordable, custom smart phone apps for commercial users

14 years ago, ENAiKOON was founded as the first member of the Ventriga Group, in order to provide commercial customers with custom telematics solutions. Tens of thousands of construction machines, vehicles, containers and other mobile objects have since then been connected to the ENAiKOON platform Teleservice Holding AG, a Munich-based company that deals with telecommunications service, was added a few years later. And today we are pleased to present you ginstr GmbH, the latest member of the Ventriga Group: ginstr_apps_explosion ginstr is a full sister company of ENAiKOON. Like ENAiKOON, ginstr focuses exclusively on commercial customers. ginstr specialises in the digital collection of form data, the optimisation of work processes and the development of customised applications and business solutions for companies in all industries. This includes Internet connection and data transfer to headquarters. The focus is on implementing previously used paper forms as smart phone apps. ginstr_app_TimeRecording_EN We have invested more than 1 million Euros in this technology to date, making it possible to convert almost any paper form into a smart phone app for a lump sum of only 790 Euros. –>This provides ginstr customers with a number of valuable benefits: ginstr_app_assetLocationManager_EN Collected information is immediately available at headquarters
  • Current status information at headquarters at all times, in scheduling, for requests from customers, etc.: the transmission of collected data from smart phones to the office takes only a few seconds
  • Immediate collection of invoices for work performed
  • No more paper forms are lost
  • Filing must no longer be organised and arranged for the paper forms
  • The computer now takes care of searching for previously collected data
Better quality of collected data
  • No missing information
  • Information is checked for plausibility when entered
  • No data collection costs and no transcription errors from the form into the computer, as this step is no longer required
  • Electronic signature by customers and employees on their smart phone
Additional data that cannot be collected with a form
  • Images of work results, damage, conditions, etc.
  • Adding videos, voice messages, file attachments, GPS positions etc..
Data import and export
  • Existing data can be reused in the ginstr system
  • All collected data can be exported from the ginstr system for further processing in existing programs (e.g. accounting, scheduling, human resources, etc.)
ginstr_backend_EN Since the platform was released about a year ago, a number of companies have already decided to use the ginstr technology. Solutions were implemented in very different industries and regions of the world for these companies. Below are some examples: Africa
  • Emergency call system for diplomats in Ghana
  • App for managing patient information similar to the German health insurance card in Nigeria
  • Monitoring the regular cleaning of toilets during the Australian Open, the famous tennis tournament
  • Reading electricity meters at a real estate company with approximately 2000 commercial rental units
  • Regular reports on the state of approximately 500 unused properties belonging to the federal state of Berlin
  • Collection of work reports with respect to vending machine servicing (loading, cleaning, maintenance…)
  • Timekeeping of mobile employees
Dubai (Middle East)
  • System for registration of participants at events, including admission control
  • Solution for parking attendants in car parks. Ensures that the existing parking spaces are only used by those who have previously hired them.
  • Work logs for hotel staff
  • Work logs for security guard employees
South America
  • Administration of 600,000 items of school furniture in Ecuador
  • Reporting system for caregivers in a nursing home
  • Reporting system for a company that takes back leased vehicles on which customers have stopped paying instalments for a certain time (so-called Repo Services:
and much more. Several dozen typical examples of solutions realised to date can be downloaded from Google Play Store, from ginstr app store or from the ginstr website. You can try out all the apps along with the associated office software free of charge at any time. Feel free to contact us! In order to test ginstr apps that use NFC tags we would be happy to send you a few sample tags for free.

Fresh foods require fresh ideas: How Schroeder Transport uses telematics for cold chain management

Unique, practical, and effective! Our cold chain telematics system has been customised for Schroeder Transport of Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, resulting in reliable refrigeration, optimal route navigation, and efficient driving behaviour. ENAiKOON cold chain management The tailored solution for the family-run transport company was created with not only our proprietary software and hardware devices, but with a customised formula of plugins and accessories that guarantees continuous refrigeration of perishable goods, precise routing of delivery vehicles, and decreased fuel consumption by monitoring driving behaviour. As consumers, we take for granted the availability of fresh produce on almost every street corner; moreover, it has become an expectation in our everyday lives. This standard’s existence and maintenance is solely dependent on today’s cold chain technology, a challenge for those organisations responsible for the delivery of such goods. Fresh produce, as an idea, is an amalgamation of various processes that can be brought together with telematics. To achieve this, we at ENAiKOON have created a three-fold telematics solution using messenger, temp-sensor, and can-66. This combination has allowed Schroeder Transport to optimise their navigation, refrigeration, and driving behaviour while creating new opportunities for expanding their business. The collected data from the system is used by management only for the reports and analysis related to cold chain, logistics, and fleet management. ENAiKOON cold chain monitoring Perfect Navigation: The ENAiKOON messenger Schroeder Transport from Teterow, Germany, has equipped over 50 trucks and 40 refrigeraeted trailers with the cost effective telematics device ENAiKOON locate-06. The high-performance locate-06 is responsible for GPS and GPRS. It locates the trucks, transmits and receives their data, and shows driving direction and speed. Schroeder Transport uses a navigation system by Garmin that connects to the GPS device. The telematics web portal, inViu pro, is linked to the navigation hardware along with the software plugin, ENAiKOON messenger. This allows the dispatcher to create messages and new driving destinations in the web portal and send them to the navigation hardware. With the push of a button, the driver is able to simultaneously start the route and begin the plugin’s guided information on the navigation system for smooth execution of the driving routes. The navigation system transmits the remaining distance and driving time to the web portal, keeping the dispatcher up to date on the vehicle and trip status. Cold Chain Transport: ENAiKOON temp-sensor The key to cold chain is to know the ideal climate for fresh produce, and every product has its own favourite temperature. Leafy vegetables, apples, mangos, and pears all prefer different yet specific temperatures. Frozen fish require a temperature of 18° C below zero (-40° F) and chocolate needs to be kept at 18° C (64.4° F). There are always complexities when transporting such goods and they begin with the vehicles. In the temperature-controlled transports of Schroeder are two cooling chambers. These two chambers each have a temperature sensor that is connected to the ENAiKOON locate-04 telematics device. The sensors measure the temperature, which is then sent to Schroeder’s dispatchers through the locate-04. The freshness of their produce relies on the fine tuning done by the drivers. Before the delivery, the drivers must select what they are delivering using pre-configured buttons. Whether it is frozen food or fresh meat, the content of the cargo and its status for delivery are entered. These details are sent to the ENAiKOON system that configures the temperature of the chambers. Thresholds and alarms are pre-programmed in the system, which automates the control of temperatures and easing the process for the drivers. Furthermore, it gives the estimated time for the cooling chambers to reach their desired temperatures. Economic driving: ENAiKOON can-66 For many years, the analysis of all vehicle system data from the vehicle’s CAN-bus has fuelled our success. This has enabled our customers to objectively compare individual driving styles and fuel consumption of different vehicles and drivers in various categories. “We don’t want to compare apples to oranges, our goal is rather to develop a fair evaluation for the driver,” says Jan Schroeder, one of the two managing directors of the firm. The can-66 works for long and short hauls, which is perfect for Schroeder. The CAN-bus is a powerful tool that sends the user all important information required for analysis. The web portal, inViu pro, is configured by us so that Schroeder receives a summary of important, easy-to-read data. It can create groups and filters so that custom reports and charts can be created; for example, reports can be created comparing long and short hauls by fuel consumption, speed, and RPM. Schroeder utilises this in an ambitious way: they have configured the data so that all drivers will be ranked based on their fuel consumption. Whoever consumes more gas will be ranked lower than those consuming less. They have implemented an incentive plan based on who ranks the highest in hopes to motivate the drivers to use less fuel. Their goal of a 10% decrease in fuel costs per driver through enhanced driving behaviour is now within reach. Apply this to 50 long-haul trucks for a savings of almost $ 300,000 per year – the cost of two new trucks.
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