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Fuel theft: detection and prevention

With no sign of fuel prices going down, fuel theft continues to grow in all parts of the globe. In recent news, Brentwood and Chelmsford in the UK, experienced thousands of litres of diesel siphoned out of 8 lorries during the drivers’ break. In the Philippines, employees of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority have been arrested for selling diesel fuel siphoned from their work vehicle. None of this would have happened if the vehicles were properly equipped with an anti-fuel-theft system. Unmonitored vehicles are left vulnerable to fuel theft, and the surveillance of fuel tank level becomes critical to catching thieves in their act. anti-fuel-theft Any reputable anti-fuel-theft system should monitor fuel consumption, for both fuel theft prevention and fuel efficiency. Continuous monitoring of fuel consumption and appropriate driver training can save 10% on fuel costs. With diesel thieves being capable of stealing up to €1,000 worth of fuel, a comprehensive system that can save fuel costs and stop diesel theft is well worth the investment for any company that owns a fleet of vehicles. AntiFuel_Theft_active Investing in the right system is exactly what one transport company in Southern Germany did after a series of fuel theft incidents. The company, who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons, chose ENAiKOON’s anti-fuel-theft system to catch their diesel thief. They experienced 10 cases in an isolated truck transport site, where they installed surveillance cameras. Even with cameras, the thief continued his work and the company was unable to identify the offender. Finally, the local police stepped in and monitored the site for several weeks, but even that was unsuccessful. Their last resort was the use of ENAiKOON’s telematics solution. The system was installed on their trucks in the summer of 2010. The results were immediate. Shortly after the installation, the company’s management received a text message (SMS) alert, informing them of an acute deceleration of fuel from one of their trucks. Knowing that the thief caught the bait, management contacted the police right away, whom were able to catch the crook in action. The ability to monitor remotely and in real time using their smartphone has allowed this company to react fast enough to stop the crime. ENAiKOON can also help with other fleet management needs, such as vehicle maintenance, driving behaviour, dispatcher communication, and driver coordination. Contact ENAiKOON for further information on how to stop fuel theft and increase fuel efficiency or check out

Equipment, employee, and vehicle tracking in the construction industry

Every year, billions of dollars’ worth of construction equipment is stolen around the world with only a 10-20% recovery rate. Monitoring and protecting your assets is vital to any organisation in any industry, and construction is no exception. With heavy equipment and machinery averaging at ,000 USD each, we cannot afford to leave construction sites poorly secured. A comprehensive telematics system is the perfect solution with many additional benefits. Not only will it protect your assets from theft, but it will also improve maintenance, project planning, task management, employee productivity, and fuel consumption. SONY DSC The GPS tracking device attached to vehicles, machinery, and equipment will collect their location information as well as CAN-bus, driver behaviour, and fuel level data. Analysing this data will allow you to optimise maintenance schedules that will minimise vehicle down time, reduce fuel consumption, detect fuel theft, and minimise costs on repairs and excess fuel – all leading to a better bottom-line. Knowing how long tasks take to complete will help you plan project timelines better, and this increase in efficiency will open up more time for you to focus on the daily operations of your construction company. ENAiKOON has a trusted telematics solution that has been tried and tested by many construction companies. Here is what one of their customers had to say about their construction equipment monitoring system: Construction equipment monitoring at Rühlmann-Bau Rühlmann-Bau is a medium-sized construction company in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. They have a large, modern machine park with a variety of specialised equipment, such as horizontal and vertical drills and asphalt packers. In total, there are about 120 units in constant use which need to be correctly coordinated and protected from theft. The more staff they have on the road, the more important it is for the smooth communication between the dispatcher and foreman at various construction sites. In March 2009, the first machinery equipped with the ENAiKOON starter package was tested. The benefits of construction equipment monitoring were quickly recognised by Uwe Rühlmann, CEO of Rühlmann-Bau. “For me, it is important to have all of our units equipped with ENAiKOON devices,” says Mr. Rühlmann. “First, because I can coordinate and control what is being deployed better and where it is at all times, and second, because I want to treat all of my drivers equally.” That following May, Mr. Rühlmann implemented the devices on all company machinery and since then have not experienced any theft or misuse. The ENAiKOON construction equipment monitoring solution Every construction company has to protect their assets, whether it’s equipment, vehicles, or their people. Whatever your needs may be, ask an ENAiKOON telematics expert for advice on equipment security using their reliable range of devices and software. Manage your assets and people better so that you can decrease costs and eliminate theft. Contact ENAiKOON today for your free trial.

Improved operations with telematics for construction equipment rental companies

Equipment rental is a relatively new yet rapidly growing industry with some international companies turning over €1 billion annually. The reasons behind its popularity are capital release, range of equipment availability, maintenance, and compliance with standards and regulations. This explains the uptick in telematics sales within this industry, as GPS tracking of equipment can help with the latter two reasons. Excavator and dumper A comprehensive telematics system for construction equipment can retrieve all the necessary data to run a flawless maintenance program. The equipment data collected and its analysis make complying with regulations a breeze. Furthermore, having an accurate log of equipment use and location allows rental companies to run a smooth operation. Let’s take a look at how Eberle-Hald improved their business with ENAiKOON’s equipment monitoring system. Construction equipment rental management at Eberle-Hald Eberle Hald Eberle-Hald is one of the biggest construction equipment rental companies in Stuttgart, southern Germany. They have been using ENAiKOON’s telematics solution since 2007. Since then, more than 300 GPS devices are being used at nine different branches. “Access to equipment data, such as operating hours, battery condition, and loading times, at any time is of the utmost importance to us,” says Michael Busch, the company’s rental manager. “If technical problems occur, our emergency service staff will need to quickly identify the problem in order to make the equipment operational again.” The ENAiKOON telematics system enabled them to produce precise rental contracts and customer invoices by knowing exactly where the equipment is located along with its time stamp. With inViu pro, the rental company receives real-time alerts and information on their rented equipment, and having an accurate account of equipment availability helped streamline their operations. Eberle-Hald even took ENAiKOON’s inViu pro web portal one step further and integrated it for their customers to use. They gave their customers the option to see which equipment at which site is currently being used, allowing their renters to have the complete billing information to give to their own clients. The ENAiKOON construction equipment monitoring solution The flexible telematics solution that ENAiKOON offers can be tailored to each customer as exemplified in the above case. Start saving time, increase productivity, and improve rental equipment management with the construction equipment monitoring system. Contact ENAiKOON today for your free trial.
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