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Affordable, custom smart phone apps for commercial users

14 years ago, ENAiKOON was founded as the first member of the Ventriga Group, in order to provide commercial customers with custom telematics solutions. Tens of thousands of construction machines, vehicles, containers and other mobile objects have since then been connected to the ENAiKOON platform Teleservice Holding AG, a Munich-based company that deals with telecommunications service, was added a few years later. And today we are pleased to present you ginstr GmbH, the latest member of the Ventriga Group: ginstr_apps_explosion ginstr is a full sister company of ENAiKOON. Like ENAiKOON, ginstr focuses exclusively on commercial customers. ginstr specialises in the digital collection of form data, the optimisation of work processes and the development of customised applications and business solutions for companies in all industries. This includes Internet connection and data transfer to headquarters. The focus is on implementing previously used paper forms as smart phone apps. ginstr_app_TimeRecording_EN We have invested more than 1 million Euros in this technology to date, making it possible to convert almost any paper form into a smart phone app for a lump sum of only 790 Euros. –>This provides ginstr customers with a number of valuable benefits: ginstr_app_assetLocationManager_EN Collected information is immediately available at headquarters
  • Current status information at headquarters at all times, in scheduling, for requests from customers, etc.: the transmission of collected data from smart phones to the office takes only a few seconds
  • Immediate collection of invoices for work performed
  • No more paper forms are lost
  • Filing must no longer be organised and arranged for the paper forms
  • The computer now takes care of searching for previously collected data
Better quality of collected data
  • No missing information
  • Information is checked for plausibility when entered
  • No data collection costs and no transcription errors from the form into the computer, as this step is no longer required
  • Electronic signature by customers and employees on their smart phone
Additional data that cannot be collected with a form
  • Images of work results, damage, conditions, etc.
  • Adding videos, voice messages, file attachments, GPS positions etc..
Data import and export
  • Existing data can be reused in the ginstr system
  • All collected data can be exported from the ginstr system for further processing in existing programs (e.g. accounting, scheduling, human resources, etc.)
ginstr_backend_EN Since the platform was released about a year ago, a number of companies have already decided to use the ginstr technology. Solutions were implemented in very different industries and regions of the world for these companies. Below are some examples: Africa
  • Emergency call system for diplomats in Ghana
  • App for managing patient information similar to the German health insurance card in Nigeria
  • Monitoring the regular cleaning of toilets during the Australian Open, the famous tennis tournament
  • Reading electricity meters at a real estate company with approximately 2000 commercial rental units
  • Regular reports on the state of approximately 500 unused properties belonging to the federal state of Berlin
  • Collection of work reports with respect to vending machine servicing (loading, cleaning, maintenance…)
  • Timekeeping of mobile employees
Dubai (Middle East)
  • System for registration of participants at events, including admission control
  • Solution for parking attendants in car parks. Ensures that the existing parking spaces are only used by those who have previously hired them.
  • Work logs for hotel staff
  • Work logs for security guard employees
South America
  • Administration of 600,000 items of school furniture in Ecuador
  • Reporting system for caregivers in a nursing home
  • Reporting system for a company that takes back leased vehicles on which customers have stopped paying instalments for a certain time (so-called Repo Services:
and much more. Several dozen typical examples of solutions realised to date can be downloaded from Google Play Store, from ginstr app store or from the ginstr website. You can try out all the apps along with the associated office software free of charge at any time. Feel free to contact us! In order to test ginstr apps that use NFC tags we would be happy to send you a few sample tags for free.

GPS and its impact in the world today

It was not so long ago that we used paper maps to navigate, yet today we use our phones for everything – including navigation. It’s hard to imagine a world without our maps application or navigation system. How did we become so dependent on this GPS technology? Why is GPS so important in our lives? GPS-details-EN Before we dissect GPS’s role in the world today, let’s talk about what exactly GPS is and how it works. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is actually run by the US Department of Defence, a project that started in 1973 in search of a better navigation system. Originally developed for military use, the system consists of 24 satellites travelling 19,300 km above the earth in controlled orbits twice a day. These satellites are built to last 10 years and are replaced after this time by a new one that gets launched into orbit. To access GPS data one must use a GPS receiver. The receiver must be locked onto the signal of at least three satellites to calculate a 2D position (latitude and longitude) and have the ability to track movement. With four or more satellites, the receiver can determine a user’s altitude, making it a 3D position. This process of locating is called trilateration, where the intersection of three sphere surfaces determines a user’s location. GPS can determine location, velocity, time, speed, bearing, trip distance, distance to destination, sunrise, and sunset. Satellit2_blau As you can see, this wealth of information has benefited countless industries, such as transport, logistics, construction, security, government, mining, and waste management, just to name a few. The ability to track mobile objects in real time has improved productivity across the board. Sectors that use vehicles and machinery benefit the most, with GPS devices being able to transmit data regarding vehicle condition and CAN-bus. Fuel consumption and fuel theft can both be controlled using the right accessories and software. Being able to select the most efficient routes for driving jobs and analyse driving behaviour has helped companies save on fuel costs, which account for a huge portion of operating expenses. GPS has unquestionably made a strong impact on how people run businesses, but it also equally influenced how people live. Our cars now have built-in navigation systems. We use our smartphones for directions while travelling. We ask our phones where the nearest restaurant is. It tells us where our friends are. Our pets can now be tracked and located when lost. GPS receivers are indispensable tools for geocaching and OSM mapping. As more uses come out of this technology, the more dependent we become and the more trust we have in GPS. That being said, this trust can be dangerous for some. People from all around the world have experienced GPS errors and navigation disasters. See how some have driven into a lake, bay, house, cliff, park, and sand pit. What one can do to avoid such situations is to evaluate the GPS accuracy of one’s current position. As mentioned earlier, GPS positioning requires the presence of at least three to four satellites. This can be determined using handheld GPS receivers or convenient smartphone apps. inViu GPS details is a free Android app that shows the satellites in orbit, GPS accuracy, cardinal direction, compass, GPS time, and current location. When using GPS, let’s try to use our eyes and trust in solid data before driving into situations that can be easily dodged. These mishaps are rare cases, and for the most part, GPS has proven its value for both private and business use. If you’re looking to enhance your business with GPS, contact ENAiKOON or check the list of case studies to see if there’s a solution for your industry. Otherwise, if you want to have a little fun by turning your phone into a complete GPS receiver or GPS tracking device, explore our free Android apps.

inViu routes: the route recording Android App

inViu routes: the route recording Android app that manages and shares your routes, POIs, and GPS photos We are proud to introduce our newest addition to the inViu app family: inViu routes. We are particularly excited about this app because of its comprehensive features that will attract travellers, geocachers, and outdoor sport enthusiasts as well as families and small businesses wanting to keep an eye on their assets and people. It’s the only GPS app out there that is integrated with a backend server, allowing the user to do so much more than just record routes! This ad-free app is now available on Google Play for free download! Let’s explore the robust list of features this app has to offer. inViu routes allows the user to: Record routes inViu_routes_on_phone_and_inViu_web_map This feature is great for anyone wanting to record certain travel routes, and special locations or photos associated with the route. Record a road trip and all the scenic stops you make, or hiking trails and the beautiful views from the top of a mountain. Create POIs and GPS photos Points of interest (POIs) and GPS photos are useful for anyone wanting to know the exact location of particular places. Share data with others Share_data_from_inViu_routes You can share any route, POI, or GPS photo via any installed app on your phone. This includes e-mail and social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter. It provides an easy way to share locations with all the important GPS information. Set location-based reminders inViu_routes_geonotes Unlike time-based calendar reminders, inViu routes allows you to configure notifications depending on a specific location. You can receive notifications when you enter or leave a geofence or when someone enters or leaves a geofence. They can be text reminders or voice memos that get played as the notification. This feature is great for busy, on-the-go people that go to multiple recurring locations. inViu_routes_geonote_ inViu_web_geofence Turn your phone into a GPS tracking device That’s right. Installing this app on an Android phone is a great, money-saving option to buying an expensive GPS tracking device! Simply register for a free ENAiKOON iD within the app or online in inViu web, the free asset tracking software, and watch where the phone goes on the integrated map. Monitor multiple trackables With inViu web, you can register up to 4 devices at no charge! This means you can monitor family members to ensure their safety, or manage the locations of employees for small businesses. You can set e-mail notifications for when a trackable enters or leaves a certain location. Explore all of these features for free without any ads! If you would like to monitor more than 4 trackables in inViu web, contact us for a monthly software subscription package that suites your needs. Testing inViu routes Download app from Google Play on your Android phone now or use the QR code – try for free!
How-to-guide inViu routes Webportal inViu web More information

The online map in inViu pro is now faster

The online map in inViu pro is now faster It is now much easier to access the online map in inViu pro for customers who have slow Internet connections The construction of the map tiles took awhile to complete, which normally was the fault of the slow internet connection. Until now the map tiles had to be re-loaded each time, which could take awhile until the map was fully displayed, because it had to deal with each request individually. The map tiles are now stored on the user’s PC.

inViu pro Landkarte

The storage of the tiles on the PC means that the loading time is reduced, and now it loads very fast. The default retention period is 7 days before the map data would be updated again. For slow data connection lines it is advisable to increase the storage time to 30 days. To change the storage time simply click on map on the main menu in inViu pro, when the map is displayed in the middle of the screen click on the “settings” icon in the top right corner. The settings pop-up window should now appear, click on the “map” tab and select the box for “Save maps longer (for low bandwidth)“, just click on “apply” to save this setting. Now you can also make other settings changes to these settings if you wish, just click on the close icon when you are done to return to the map screen. Settings tiles inViu pro If the map data needs to be updated it is sufficient to simply empty the browsers cache and restart inViu pro. By optimising the entire software the online map starts and loads much faster than before. Search function improved and the display of the “stated positions” expanded The search function in the trackable list in the window next to the map has been improved. The search covers not only trackable data but the “stated positions” as well.

Search trackables inViu pro

Search "stated positions" inViu pro Two columns have been added to the display window menu table for the “stated positions”. Now the “trip type” and “reason for the stop” are shown.

"Stated position" with reason for stopp - inViu pro

Similarly search results are still displayed even if the column associated with the result currently hidden. For example, the columns “trip type” and “reason for the stop” are hidden. A search for the name “Miller” will filter the listed of “stated positions” and shows the only position where the name “Miller“ is in the hidden column “reason for the stop”. "Stated positions" filtered in inViu pro That means that only the important columns are displayed in the overview, but that the intelligent search function finds all relevant data quickly and reliably. Text and tool tip box are now included in trackable groups In the display fields “text” and “tool tip” that appear next to a trackable when they are activated or when there is a mouse roll-over are now displayed in the “trackable group”. To change the settings for these click “edit settings” on main menu on the left side, then click on “edit reports” and select the icon next to “trackable list with statistics”. In the fifth column all of the setting to permanently display the “textbox” and in the sixth column with the header “tooltip” are the setting for the mouse rollover display of this information. Edit reports in inViu pro Simply check the box and see the on the map the trackable group in the textbox and / or in the tooltip box. inViu pro - "trackable groups" in text field and tool tip

What is a trackable?

Available icons for trackable in inViu web Often used in business for goal setting, in geocaching as something to find, sometimes as a gaming term, and most definitely as an adjective, the term trackable is always used as a noun at ENAiKOON. A trackable is something that can be tracked using GPS devices. Ranging from vehicles to equipment and people to animals, trackables can be static or mobile and require telematics technology for monitoring their safety or protecting them against theft. For the average consumer trackables may include a car, a small child, someone of old age or special needs, pets, a boat, or a camping trailer. Teens, children, and seniors can be monitored safely On the other hand, depending on their industry, businesses may want to track company cars, trucks, shipping containers, delivery parcels, employees, equipment, machinery, or any asset of value. High value assets also need to be monitored for their protection The reasons for using telematics for your trackables varies, for many it’s just to monitor the location of the trackable. Sometimes it’s for theft prevention and recovery. Other times it’s to record operating hours of machinery and equipment. In ENAiKOON’s online GPS tracking software, inViu, users can easily manage the tracking of all of their trackables on the user-friendly interface where the locations of all trackables are displayed on a map or as GPS coordinates. Learn more about inViu. inViu is the ideal web portal to view your important trackables
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