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What is a trackable?

Available icons for trackable in inViu web Often used in business for goal setting, in geocaching as something to find, sometimes as a gaming term, and most definitely as an adjective, the term trackable is always used as a noun at ENAiKOON. A trackable is something that can be tracked using GPS devices. Ranging from vehicles to equipment and people to animals, trackables can be static or mobile and require telematics technology for monitoring their safety or protecting them against theft. For the average consumer trackables may include a car, a small child, someone of old age or special needs, pets, a boat, or a camping trailer. Teens, children, and seniors can be monitored safely On the other hand, depending on their industry, businesses may want to track company cars, trucks, shipping containers, delivery parcels, employees, equipment, machinery, or any asset of value. High value assets also need to be monitored for their protection The reasons for using telematics for your trackables varies, for many it’s just to monitor the location of the trackable. Sometimes it’s for theft prevention and recovery. Other times it’s to record operating hours of machinery and equipment. In ENAiKOON’s online GPS tracking software, inViu, users can easily manage the tracking of all of their trackables on the user-friendly interface where the locations of all trackables are displayed on a map or as GPS coordinates. Learn more about inViu. inViu is the ideal web portal to view your important trackables