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New multi-functional display

For effective communication with employees it is crucial to control the workflow and to optimise the distribution of tasks.

ENAiKOON display has been developed in order to make clear and concise communication possible.
The multi-functional cost-effective display ENAiKOON display-56 is now available from ENAiKOON:
Das neue Multifunktions-Display ENAiKOON display-56





4 lines of 20 characters
membrane keyboard for number and letter entry
iButton reader for clocking-in and out, access control, etc.
loud signalling device for audible warnings and acknowledgements
easy installation and wiring


The display can be connected to an ENAiKOON locate-06.
It is programmable and can be configured to any workflow parameters.


The display comes with the following features standard:


Reading iButtons with audible acknowledgements. Logging employee working hours; recording operating hours of vehicles, machines, or equipment; authorising the use of a vehicle or construction equipment; name of the last logged-in employee is shown on the display.
Capability of sending messages to the display from ENAiKOON inViu pro.
The dispatcher can see if the driver read the sent message
the driver can confirm the execution of the task by pressing a button.


Supplied with up to 20 individual messages per vehicle status (e.g. “13.4 tons of quality C sand loaded” , “taking a break”, “waiting for the next job”, “leaving for the day”, “ready for customer Smith,” etc.).
These texts can be changed at any time from the dispatch. The driver can then select one of these prepared messages and send it to the dispatch.
With this so-called “asynchronous” communication it is not necessary that the dispatcher and the driver are available at the same time to phone, instead each can send or receive a message when it is convenient.


Built-in speaker for audible warning sound or acknowledgement of a driver-id entered



The ENAiKOON display-56 costs only €149 and is available now.

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