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The online map in inViu pro is now faster

The online map in inViu pro is now faster It is now much easier to access the online map in inViu pro for customers who have slow Internet connections The construction of the map tiles took awhile to complete, which normally was the fault of the slow internet connection. Until now the map tiles had to be re-loaded each time, which could take awhile until the map was fully displayed, because it had to deal with each request individually. The map tiles are now stored on the user’s PC.

inViu pro Landkarte

The storage of the tiles on the PC means that the loading time is reduced, and now it loads very fast. The default retention period is 7 days before the map data would be updated again. For slow data connection lines it is advisable to increase the storage time to 30 days. To change the storage time simply click on map on the main menu in inViu pro, when the map is displayed in the middle of the screen click on the “settings” icon in the top right corner. The settings pop-up window should now appear, click on the “map” tab and select the box for “Save maps longer (for low bandwidth)“, just click on “apply” to save this setting. Now you can also make other settings changes to these settings if you wish, just click on the close icon when you are done to return to the map screen. Settings tiles inViu pro If the map data needs to be updated it is sufficient to simply empty the browsers cache and restart inViu pro. By optimising the entire software the online map starts and loads much faster than before. Search function improved and the display of the “stated positions” expanded The search function in the trackable list in the window next to the map has been improved. The search covers not only trackable data but the “stated positions” as well.

Search trackables inViu pro

Search "stated positions" inViu pro Two columns have been added to the display window menu table for the “stated positions”. Now the “trip type” and “reason for the stop” are shown.

"Stated position" with reason for stopp - inViu pro

Similarly search results are still displayed even if the column associated with the result currently hidden. For example, the columns “trip type” and “reason for the stop” are hidden. A search for the name “Miller” will filter the listed of “stated positions” and shows the only position where the name “Miller“ is in the hidden column “reason for the stop”. "Stated positions" filtered in inViu pro That means that only the important columns are displayed in the overview, but that the intelligent search function finds all relevant data quickly and reliably. Text and tool tip box are now included in trackable groups In the display fields “text” and “tool tip” that appear next to a trackable when they are activated or when there is a mouse roll-over are now displayed in the “trackable group”. To change the settings for these click “edit settings” on main menu on the left side, then click on “edit reports” and select the icon next to “trackable list with statistics”. In the fifth column all of the setting to permanently display the “textbox” and in the sixth column with the header “tooltip” are the setting for the mouse rollover display of this information. Edit reports in inViu pro Simply check the box and see the on the map the trackable group in the textbox and / or in the tooltip box. inViu pro - "trackable groups" in text field and tool tip