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ENAiKOON iD: Changing the username to an e-mail address

A couple of months ago we changed the access to the old ENAiKOON fleet-control-web in order to enhance the privacy. Since then, the connection to your inViu account works with the new SSO login. As part of the introduction of the new, more secure online registration, the old username will have to be changed to an e-mail address. Further information about the change and directions can be accessed at: The 15th September 2012 has been chosen as the latest date of the conversion of the user name to an e-mail address. Due to the request of some of our customers, we have extended this deadline to the 15th October 2012. If you have not changed your ENAiKOON iD to an e-mail address yet, please do so as soon as possible! As of the 15th of October you will not be able to log in to inViu without using an e-mail address. For a fee of 49 € (excluding VAT), ENAiKOON will take in charge switching your login to an e-mail address. Changing the user name to an e-mail address When you log in with your old user name, you will see a window in which you enter your e-mail address and then press “send“.

Email address required for ENAiKOON iD

Once you have done this, you are logged into your account. You will then receive an e-mail from Open the received e-mail and click on the blue link in order to confirm your e-mail address.

ENAiKOON iD confirmation email

Once you have done so your e-mail address has been confirmed and can be used in combination with your password as your ENAiKOON iD. Single-Sign-On If your e-mail address and your password also belong to those of your Facebook, Google or Yahoo! accounts, you can easily log in by clicking on the appropriate symbol. You will then only need to confirm the access to your ENAiKOON iD once. That way you only need to remember one password. facebookgoogleyahoo Have you forgotten your password? In case you have forgotten your password, simply click on the „forgot password?“ link and you will receive an e-mail with a link that provides a direct access to your ENAiKOON user account where you will be able to define a new password.

ENAiKOON iD - log in

Is your user account blocked? In case you have entered an incorrect password several times the access to your user account will be blocked. In that case, please use the „forgot password?“ link.

ENAiKOON iD blocked?

Tips on how to create a secure password that you can easily remember as well as how to create sub accounts for your employees can be found on our website.

Improvements to the geofence alerts

The ENAiKOON web portal inViu pro automatically sends geofence alert messages per E-mail when a trackable enters or leaves a geofence. To refresh your memory, a geofence is a virtual fence around a designated area. It offers security in case of theft as well as help with the daily management of your trackables, like vehicles, construction equipment, or mobile employees. geofence-in-london In addition to geofence alert messages, there are other alert message e-mail options in  inViu pro, for instance, when the battery voltage level falls below a certain level. The idle alert message is sent when a vehicle or construction equipment remains idling for longer than the pre-defined limit, eliminating unnecessary fuel use. It can also be called the “special incidents” alert. You can attach cables to various components of a vehicle from an ENAiKOON locating device, allowing you to monitor other components of the vehicle or construction equipment. The operation of a snow plough or salt mill on a snow removing vehicle or the conditions of a concrete pump on a concrete mixer can be easily monitored. Another possible application is the monitoring of the door contacts. When the doors are opened and closed in a vehicle, a message is sent to the servers, similar to the previously mentioned scenarios, and this information is then displayed in inViu pro. Two new meaningful vehicle operations are now combined with the e-mail alert messages in inViu pro: It is now possible to only send the alert messages for a “special incident” when the trackable is inside a geofence at the time of the special incident It is now possible to only send the alarm messages for a “special incident” when the trackable is outside of a geofence at the time of the special incident Case study: One of our customers, a large bakery chain, had baked goods stolen from the delivery trucks by their own delivery drivers. Solution: The door contact switches from the rear delivery doors were connected to the digital inputs on the telematic devices ENAiKOON locate-04 and ENAiKOON locate-06. Once these doors were opened, the door contact switches sent a signal of the change of status. This information was then immediately sent from the ENAiKOON locate-06 to the inViu servers. In the web portal, inViu pro, an alert was set up to send a message when the doors were opened. Creation_of_alarm_message Result: The customer received an alert message every time the rear delivery doors were opened. Now the alert message is only sent when the vehicle is outside of predefined geofences. Since these geofences are marked around regular bakery stops, all unapproved “on the road” stops are monitored. Conclusion: If someone opens the rear delivery doors of the bakery delivery truck and it is not one of the regularly scheduled delivery stops, the customer is immediately notified with an alert e-mail message with the location and timestamp. This allows the customer to promptly react to the situation. All in all, it is a very effective solution for this particular customer.

Locate series to the rescue in the Netherlands

Another stolen van was returned to its grateful owner in the Netherlands thanks to the locate series device that was installed in it. The thieves were unaware that Generali Verzekeringsgroep had the foresight to install tracking devices in their vans and cars and that when the van was then stolen, that their every movement was being tracked in real-time in ENAiKOON’s web portal. Screenshot from inViu pro When an employee of Generali, who had parked the van in front of his house, noticed that it was no longer there he immediately called his supervisor. With a quick look in the ENAiKOON web portal they were able to determine exactly where the van was. The thieves had driven it across town and it was parked on a quiet residential street. At this point Generali decided to inform the authorities about what had happened. The police then wanted to watch the van to try and catch the perpetrators. This was an excellent plan on the part of the local police, because of this one criminal was apprehended. At first the van was towed to the police head quarters for a search. There they discovered tools that were most likely used for already or would in the future be used for a burglary. The thieves had tried to manipulate the motor management system of the vehicle as well. A mechanic then had a look over the van, but is now back in the hands of its rightful owners. Thanks to the ENAiKOON device and the quick thinking on behalf of the local police there is also one less criminal on the streets in the Netherlands. Generali Van at the Police Repair Shop According to Hans Verhaar the Expertisedienst Manager at Generali Verzekeringsgroep “When our van was stolen we were at first shocked. Then we looked in inViu pro to see the location of the vehicle. We were able to find our van and then we told the police exactly what had happened. It was recovered and one person was arrested as a result. Thanks to the device from ENAiKOON we were able to recover our vehicle easily without a lot of hassle. We knew immediately where to go to retrieve it and could tell the police where it was located.”

The online map in inViu pro is now faster

The online map in inViu pro is now faster It is now much easier to access the online map in inViu pro for customers who have slow Internet connections The construction of the map tiles took awhile to complete, which normally was the fault of the slow internet connection. Until now the map tiles had to be re-loaded each time, which could take awhile until the map was fully displayed, because it had to deal with each request individually. The map tiles are now stored on the user’s PC.

inViu pro Landkarte

The storage of the tiles on the PC means that the loading time is reduced, and now it loads very fast. The default retention period is 7 days before the map data would be updated again. For slow data connection lines it is advisable to increase the storage time to 30 days. To change the storage time simply click on map on the main menu in inViu pro, when the map is displayed in the middle of the screen click on the “settings” icon in the top right corner. The settings pop-up window should now appear, click on the “map” tab and select the box for “Save maps longer (for low bandwidth)“, just click on “apply” to save this setting. Now you can also make other settings changes to these settings if you wish, just click on the close icon when you are done to return to the map screen. Settings tiles inViu pro If the map data needs to be updated it is sufficient to simply empty the browsers cache and restart inViu pro. By optimising the entire software the online map starts and loads much faster than before. Search function improved and the display of the “stated positions” expanded The search function in the trackable list in the window next to the map has been improved. The search covers not only trackable data but the “stated positions” as well.

Search trackables inViu pro

Search "stated positions" inViu pro Two columns have been added to the display window menu table for the “stated positions”. Now the “trip type” and “reason for the stop” are shown.

"Stated position" with reason for stopp - inViu pro

Similarly search results are still displayed even if the column associated with the result currently hidden. For example, the columns “trip type” and “reason for the stop” are hidden. A search for the name “Miller” will filter the listed of “stated positions” and shows the only position where the name “Miller“ is in the hidden column “reason for the stop”. "Stated positions" filtered in inViu pro That means that only the important columns are displayed in the overview, but that the intelligent search function finds all relevant data quickly and reliably. Text and tool tip box are now included in trackable groups In the display fields “text” and “tool tip” that appear next to a trackable when they are activated or when there is a mouse roll-over are now displayed in the “trackable group”. To change the settings for these click “edit settings” on main menu on the left side, then click on “edit reports” and select the icon next to “trackable list with statistics”. In the fifth column all of the setting to permanently display the “textbox” and in the sixth column with the header “tooltip” are the setting for the mouse rollover display of this information. Edit reports in inViu pro Simply check the box and see the on the map the trackable group in the textbox and / or in the tooltip box. inViu pro - "trackable groups" in text field and tool tip

What is a trackable?

Available icons for trackable in inViu web Often used in business for goal setting, in geocaching as something to find, sometimes as a gaming term, and most definitely as an adjective, the term trackable is always used as a noun at ENAiKOON. A trackable is something that can be tracked using GPS devices. Ranging from vehicles to equipment and people to animals, trackables can be static or mobile and require telematics technology for monitoring their safety or protecting them against theft. For the average consumer trackables may include a car, a small child, someone of old age or special needs, pets, a boat, or a camping trailer. Teens, children, and seniors can be monitored safely On the other hand, depending on their industry, businesses may want to track company cars, trucks, shipping containers, delivery parcels, employees, equipment, machinery, or any asset of value. High value assets also need to be monitored for their protection The reasons for using telematics for your trackables varies, for many it’s just to monitor the location of the trackable. Sometimes it’s for theft prevention and recovery. Other times it’s to record operating hours of machinery and equipment. In ENAiKOON’s online GPS tracking software, inViu, users can easily manage the tracking of all of their trackables on the user-friendly interface where the locations of all trackables are displayed on a map or as GPS coordinates. Learn more about inViu. inViu is the ideal web portal to view your important trackables