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Improvements to the geofence alerts

The ENAiKOON web portal inViu pro automatically sends geofence alert messages per E-mail when a trackable enters or leaves a geofence. To refresh your memory, a geofence is a virtual fence around a designated area. It offers security in case of theft as well as help with the daily management of your trackables, like vehicles, construction equipment, or mobile employees. geofence-in-london In addition to geofence alert messages, there are other alert message e-mail options in  inViu pro, for instance, when the battery voltage level falls below a certain level. The idle alert message is sent when a vehicle or construction equipment remains idling for longer than the pre-defined limit, eliminating unnecessary fuel use. It can also be called the “special incidents” alert. You can attach cables to various components of a vehicle from an ENAiKOON locating device, allowing you to monitor other components of the vehicle or construction equipment. The operation of a snow plough or salt mill on a snow removing vehicle or the conditions of a concrete pump on a concrete mixer can be easily monitored. Another possible application is the monitoring of the door contacts. When the doors are opened and closed in a vehicle, a message is sent to the servers, similar to the previously mentioned scenarios, and this information is then displayed in inViu pro. Two new meaningful vehicle operations are now combined with the e-mail alert messages in inViu pro: It is now possible to only send the alert messages for a “special incident” when the trackable is inside a geofence at the time of the special incident It is now possible to only send the alarm messages for a “special incident” when the trackable is outside of a geofence at the time of the special incident Case study: One of our customers, a large bakery chain, had baked goods stolen from the delivery trucks by their own delivery drivers. Solution: The door contact switches from the rear delivery doors were connected to the digital inputs on the telematic devices ENAiKOON locate-04 and ENAiKOON locate-06. Once these doors were opened, the door contact switches sent a signal of the change of status. This information was then immediately sent from the ENAiKOON locate-06 to the inViu servers. In the web portal, inViu pro, an alert was set up to send a message when the doors were opened. Creation_of_alarm_message Result: The customer received an alert message every time the rear delivery doors were opened. Now the alert message is only sent when the vehicle is outside of predefined geofences. Since these geofences are marked around regular bakery stops, all unapproved “on the road” stops are monitored. Conclusion: If someone opens the rear delivery doors of the bakery delivery truck and it is not one of the regularly scheduled delivery stops, the customer is immediately notified with an alert e-mail message with the location and timestamp. This allows the customer to promptly react to the situation. All in all, it is a very effective solution for this particular customer.