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Putting a stop to timber theft with a discreet GPS tracking device

Timber theft has been taking the spotlight in recent news with almost no definitive solution for the crime. The illegal logging industry is increasing, leaving victims with billions of dollars worth of missing timber worldwide. It is also the leading cause of deforestation, affecting the eco systems and natural habitats of endangered species in many countries across the globe. Spraying the logs, taking records of stocks, immediately applying timber dye to logs, building relationships with the mill – these are only preemptive measures a forester can take to ward off thieves and will not stop professionals from stealing lumber nor will it put them behind bars. Suggested theft prevention measures until now, unfortunately, have proven to be ineffective in actually catching the thieves in action.

Those days are now over.

One logging company with an ongoing timber theft problem sought for an effective theft prevention solution when surveillance efforts failed to stop further theft. They came to ENAiKOON seeking a GPS tracking solution. After just three months, our team of dedicated hardware developers created the new locate-18 GPS tracking device. With its plastic, tube-like housing that fits discreetly into logs, the locate-18’s sole purpose is to stop timber thieves in action.

The GPS device alone cannot stop timber theft. ENAiKOON’s complete solution includes an adjustable vibration sensor, a camera, infrared lights, a GPS receiver for localisation, a SIM card for GPRS transmission, a powerful set of batteries, and the use of telematics management software: inViu pro.

Here’s how to stop timber theft. First, drill a hole into a log in a felled lumber pile and insert the 20 x 3.5 cm locate-18 with its vibration sensor activated. Make the drill holes invisible by covering them up with previously sawed wooden discs. Then, install cameras with infrared lights in various loading areas. When the tracked log is moved unexpectedly, the GPS tracking device sends an alert to the server and activates the surveillance cameras.

This is exactly what the logging company did and just as we suspected, unusual movement of lumber piles were detected just a month after installation. They mounted a locate-18 in every lumber pile and hid security cameras in owl boxes that were hung near their loading areas. When the logs were moved it triggered the cameras which took photos of the theft at the crime scene; this evidence was later used in court to support the case. Knowing the exact GPS coordinates of the moving lumber pile, the logging company found out the logs were taken to the exact same sawmill that the usual shipments went to, concluding that it was an insider job. Turns out, the contracted truck drivers were taking extra loads to the mill. All stolen timber was recovered with the suspects successfully convicted in court. The company has not seen any criminal activity since then.

Let’s put an end to illegal logging and timber theft. If you manage a logging company experiencing timber theft, ENAiKOON’s timber theft prevention is your solution. Contact us for a customised solution for your company.


ENAiKOON devices offer privacy

Encrypted tracking modules are not rocket science


Heise Online reported on 07-27-2012 that it was possible to read data from a variety of different devices including measurement devices, barcode scanners, GSM / GPRS routers, etc. using port scanner software in a wireless network. Amongst these devices that were readable using this port scanner software were telematic devices from another provider that included info such as login details and current position data.




ENAiKOON tracking devices


At ENAiKOON our tracking modules ensure that no data is read and cannot be passed on to unauthorized entities. ENAiKOONs technique works as follows: the tracking module has new information for the server, like a new position, a change in speed, ignition on, or other changes of digital or analogue input information, and then the data is wirelessly sent from the device to the ENAiKOON servers.


When the server wants to send data to the tracking device, this has to wait until the tracking module logs onto the server, only then can the server transmit data to the tracking module. The server cannot start a connection to the device to send data or to read what data is on the device.
A request from outside does nothing, since the tracking device does not react. This could be compared to a phone that can only make calls but not receive them.


The external independent Data Protection Agent of ENAiKOON GmbH is Dipl. Jur. Karsten Böhm from PRIVACY ONE. He confirmed that the appropriate technical and organizational measures were in place to comply with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes), in particular in regard to the Data Protection Law (Appendix to §9 BDSG), for all modes of transmission of the location data from ENAiKOON


If you have any questions about this technology and the additional security features at ENAiKOON, please fill out our contact form or give us a call. Details can be found on our Website.


ENAiKOON celebrates their 10-year anniversary

We at ENAiKOON want to thank our clients and associates for supporting the company for the past 10 years!


10 years anniversary ENAiKOON


It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a decade since ENAiKOON’s founder and managing director, Markus Semm, started the company in his own living room in 2002. Since then, the business has grown into a prosperous international company with over 1000 clients from around the world, monitoring more than 25,000 objects globally.


To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we’ve rebranded our online identity, gearing up to enter international markets, such as France, Spain, and the UK, with the launch of our new website.


The most notable change is in our corporate image on With an entirely transformed online image, we plan to share our telematics solutions and vast array of GPS products with a new audience. One of the new features is this blog, used to help inform and educate people on the benefits of telematics and how it can improve the efficiency and optimization of any business or household.


“Fortunately, with the reputation of successfully tailoring solutions to each of our customer’s needs, we have been able to organically acquire national clients over the last 10 years,” explains Semm. “Now we are focusing on attracting more international clients with our rebranded, user-friendly website that integrates a more modern approach to new customer acquisition and online marketing. We’re looking forward to exploring untapped markets outside of Germany.”


New multi-functional display

For effective communication with employees it is crucial to control the workflow and to optimise the distribution of tasks.

ENAiKOON display has been developed in order to make clear and concise communication possible.
The multi-functional cost-effective display ENAiKOON display-56 is now available from ENAiKOON:
Das neue Multifunktions-Display ENAiKOON display-56





4 lines of 20 characters
membrane keyboard for number and letter entry
iButton reader for clocking-in and out, access control, etc.
loud signalling device for audible warnings and acknowledgements
easy installation and wiring


The display can be connected to an ENAiKOON locate-06.
It is programmable and can be configured to any workflow parameters.


The display comes with the following features standard:


Reading iButtons with audible acknowledgements. Logging employee working hours; recording operating hours of vehicles, machines, or equipment; authorising the use of a vehicle or construction equipment; name of the last logged-in employee is shown on the display.
Capability of sending messages to the display from ENAiKOON inViu pro.
The dispatcher can see if the driver read the sent message
the driver can confirm the execution of the task by pressing a button.


Supplied with up to 20 individual messages per vehicle status (e.g. “13.4 tons of quality C sand loaded” , “taking a break”, “waiting for the next job”, “leaving for the day”, “ready for customer Smith,” etc.).
These texts can be changed at any time from the dispatch. The driver can then select one of these prepared messages and send it to the dispatch.
With this so-called “asynchronous” communication it is not necessary that the dispatcher and the driver are available at the same time to phone, instead each can send or receive a message when it is convenient.


Built-in speaker for audible warning sound or acknowledgement of a driver-id entered



The ENAiKOON display-56 costs only €149 and is available now.

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What is a trackable?

Available icons for trackable in inViu web

Often used in business for goal setting, in geocaching as something to find, sometimes as a gaming term, and most definitely as an adjective, the term trackable is always used as a noun at ENAiKOON.


A trackable is something that can be tracked using GPS devices. Ranging from vehicles to equipment and people to animals, trackables can be static or mobile and require telematics technology for monitoring their safety or protecting them against theft.


For the average consumer trackables may include a car, a small child, someone of old age or special needs, pets, a boat, or a camping trailer.

Teens, children, and seniors can be monitored safely


On the other hand, depending on their industry, businesses may want to track company cars, trucks, shipping containers, delivery parcels, employees, equipment, machinery, or any asset of value.


High value assets also need to be monitored for their protection



The reasons for using telematics for your trackables varies, for many it’s just to monitor the location of the trackable. Sometimes it’s for theft prevention and recovery. Other times it’s to record operating hours of machinery and equipment.


In ENAiKOON’s online GPS tracking software, inViu, users can easily manage the tracking of all of their trackables on the user-friendly interface where the locations of all trackables are displayed on a map or as GPS coordinates. Learn more about inViu.




inViu is the ideal web portal to view your important trackables