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ENAiKOON devices offer privacy

Encrypted tracking modules are not rocket science


Heise Online reported on 07-27-2012 that it was possible to read data from a variety of different devices including measurement devices, barcode scanners, GSM / GPRS routers, etc. using port scanner software in a wireless network. Amongst these devices that were readable using this port scanner software were telematic devices from another provider that included info such as login details and current position data.




ENAiKOON tracking devices


At ENAiKOON our tracking modules ensure that no data is read and cannot be passed on to unauthorized entities. ENAiKOONs technique works as follows: the tracking module has new information for the server, like a new position, a change in speed, ignition on, or other changes of digital or analogue input information, and then the data is wirelessly sent from the device to the ENAiKOON servers.


When the server wants to send data to the tracking device, this has to wait until the tracking module logs onto the server, only then can the server transmit data to the tracking module. The server cannot start a connection to the device to send data or to read what data is on the device.
A request from outside does nothing, since the tracking device does not react. This could be compared to a phone that can only make calls but not receive them.


The external independent Data Protection Agent of ENAiKOON GmbH is Dipl. Jur. Karsten Böhm from PRIVACY ONE. He confirmed that the appropriate technical and organizational measures were in place to comply with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes), in particular in regard to the Data Protection Law (Appendix to §9 BDSG), for all modes of transmission of the location data from ENAiKOON


If you have any questions about this technology and the additional security features at ENAiKOON, please fill out our contact form or give us a call. Details can be found on our Website.