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GPS Android App for All of Your GPS Info: inViu GPS-details

There are many GPS apps available in Google Play, but do they all have the features you’re looking for? Navigation apps do not include detailed GPS data, nor do they show satellite information. How can GPS fans determine their GPS accuracy, check cardinal direction, and locate themselves with precise coordinates? Luckily there’s inViu GPS-details. It’s a light-weight app with all the GPS info you need. Although it’s free, it comes with no ads and includes all the premium features one would look for in a GPS app. Great for GPS and outdoor enthusiasts, extreme sport athletes, geocachers, runners, and cyclists, finding satellites and determining GPS location, accuracy, and speed are made easy with this Android app. The recent update to the app has created new features that improve the User Interface (UI) dramatically. GPS-details_EN_1 Here are the app’s main features: Localisation The app accurately displays your current GPS position as a decimal value. It also shows your GPS coordinates as longitude and latitude. Other useful information can be viewed on the new info screen, which includes altitude, GPS time, sunrise/sunset, angle, quality of GPS, and speed. Satellite Information Two different graphs display all available satellites and their signal strength with a numerical value. The radar screen shows the positions of the satellites with their satellite number in a visual manner, whereas the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) diagram allows a quick comparison of satellite strengths. Satellite reception accuracy is indicated in either metres or feet. GPS-details_EN_2 Speedometer and Built-in Compass Use the speedometer to determine speeds up to 1,200 km/h (750 mph). The speedometer scale can be customised depending on the range of speed you are working with (ie. when running, in a car, or on a plane). The new “digital screen” displays the current speed in night or day mode, making it extremely useful for runners and cyclists to determine their speed any time of day. The built-in compass clearly displays the cardinal direction with the option to keep either the compass or the needle static. GPS Playback The new “demo mode” allows users to record a specific time frame’s GPS data and play it back at a later time. This feature is great for skydivers, hang gliders, and other extreme sport athletes who cannot observe the GPS data while in action. You may think that all of this GPS data would look very technical, but inViu GPS-details does a great job displaying all the info with an attractive design that’s easy to read and comprehend. Now available in English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish, it also supports imperial and metric measuring systems. For more information and download, visit Google Play.
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