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Director of International Accounts to visit Zambia

A growing emphasis on security and fuel theft prevention has been increasing across the globe for transport and logistics companies, with no exception in African countries. As oil prices rise, the numbers of stolen vehicles and syphoned fuel are also multiplying. With a positive economic outlook for Africa in the coming years, how can business owners reap in the benefits and maximise revenue while protecting their business from these escalating issues? camion At ENAiKOON, we have a comprehensive telematics solution for fleet management and fuel theft prevention that can be fully customised according to each customer’s needs. The combination of our durable tracking devices, complementary accessories, powerful software, and various plugins can be seamlessly incorporated into existing business models to increase efficiency all across the board. ENAiKOON, along with a local reseller partner, is presenting a telematics solution to help with GPS tracking and fuel theft monitoring along with many other features. The Director of International Accounts, Marie Dennis, will be in Lusaka on December 17th – 19th to demonstrate the system and answer any potential questions about telematics and how it can help logistics, mining, construction, and security companies. Africa is growing and ENAiKOON is there to give peace of mind to local companies in Zambia and Southern Africa. For more information please contact or click here.
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