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inViu routes – the GPS app for Android is updated for even more features

The GPS tracking app with reliable GPS tracking and geofencing was designed for companies with mobile employees, for transport and logistics companies, or for vehicle or equipment rental companies More than 15,000 users have installed inViu routes on their smartphones or tablets. The app optimizes field service operations as well as centralizing and documenting the exchange of messages and of course for locating employees and assets. For the low price of € 9.90 per month with a hardware costs starting at less than € 150 makes inViu routes an indispensable tool for all companies with mobile workers. The new unveiled Version 3.9 brings a variety of useful innovations Monitor trackables right on your phone For an on-the-go overview simply enter your ENAiKOON iD in the app and all of the locations and the routes for your trackables are viewable in a sortable list with timestamps and descriptions and of course they are also viewable on the map. Route planning In addition to the route recording of your own route, the app calculates the optimal route to a specific location like a trackable, POI, GPS photo, address of a phonebook contact and also any selected position on the map. Both the start point and the destination can be freely chosen. In addition if the user has a navigation app installed on their phone then any destination, either saved or selected, can be used directly from inViu routes in the navigation app. inViu_routes_route_planner_EN Useful widgets for shortcuts to features The latest version has come up with five new widgets for faster access to certain app features. Route planner – Displays the target address, distance to target, time required to reach target, and the estimated time of arrival. Take picture – Opens the camera to take a GPS photo with the current GPS position Create POI – Creates a POI with the current GPS position Route recording toggle – Starts and stops route recording Parking spot – Clicking on this button quickly saves any location, such as your parking spot for your vehicle. View its location later in inViu routes when you need to find your vehicle. inViu_route_widgets_EN Customisable menu bar display This innovative feature allows for the designing of various screens and formats on a phone and tablet. inViu routes is the only routes app offering this level of customization A click on the app icon provides access to the main functions of the app, the icons for the features are located in one of the menu bar and can be reached by clicking on the overflow icon. Each icon can be dragged into a menu bar and removed again, the order can be changed at any time. You can choose between one or two menu bars, with or without displaying the icons info as well as defining where main features of the app are accessed. If you want to use your own icons, you can replace it with a long click on any icon. For example it makes more sense to display the menu bar horizontally in landscape mode and vertically in portrait mode. Since a tablet is held with two hands the menu bar with access to all important features can be at the bottom of the screen while for a smaller phone it is more useful to have access at the top of the screen. inViu_route_menu_bar_EN GPS power saving mode Now the app can define the time between two GPS readings in order to lengthen battery life. The GPS power saving mode can be deactivated while charging or above defined battery percentage. Leisure mode Great for businesses that employ mobile workers, this feature allows the GPS tracking of employees during working hours only. This way the mobile phone can be used for both work and personal use. More details on this special feature in a subsequent blog post! View all of these updates by downloading the latest version of inViu routes on Google Play! Contact ENAiKOON for more information on how to use inViu routes for business.
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