inViu routes
inViu routes
inViu routes uses your GPS positions to display a virtual rendering of your travels in real-time by displaying them on a map using the database from the open source project OpenStreetMap©.
The collected GPS position data can automatically be sent to the inViu servers immediately or when connected to Wi-Fi.

Register for an inViu web account and you can assign up to four Android phones to your inViu account – free of charge. See their locations and track their movements online in the inViu web portal. If you do not yet have an inViu web account, it can be setup within inViu routes.

Your privacy is important to us at ENAiKOON. That’s why we do not collect or send your data, locations, and movements to third parties. At ENAiKOON, we promise that your data is only collected for use and display in inViu. Outside of this use, there is no other collection of data from your computer or mobile phone.
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routes + GPS-details + mobile-protector + traffic-counter = all GPS apps are a perfect match

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