inViu routes main features


inViu routes main features
  • shows the location and time of the last position status report
  • displays the current position on the mobile map
  • follow-me for trackables: if the trackables move, the app will zoom and pan accordingly
  • route to trackable from current position with continuous recalculation
  • display the travelled routes of friends/vehicles
  • plan route to trackable from own position
  • update intervals are adjustable
  • details from the professional portal inViu pro and / or inViu web available
Leisure mode
  • use case: mobile workers who use their telephone for private as well as business purposes
  • using the auto start feature
  • backup settings with a PIN code
  • routes should be transmitted only during business hours and not during workers off time
  • route recording during overtime can be adjusted by the employee
  • creation of plans for route recording
  • export created routes to other devices
  • notification prior to the completion of the route recording
  • possible to extend the recording of the route with a click on the notification or a widget
Time clock functionality
  • clock in and clock out using a PIN code or NFC tag
  • analyse the data in ENAiKOON staff-tracker
Integration of ENAiKOON messenger
  • users of the web portal inViu pro can communicate directly with employees
  • send messages
  • read receipt is sent back to the web portal inViu pro
  • send tasks with a defined destination address
  • display destination on the map
  • accept the task directly in the app
  • route calculation to the task address
  • use the destination address for the navigation
  • use preprogrammed status texts as replies to a message or a task
  • creating of location-based reminders
  • receiving a notification when you enter or leave a geofence
  • receiving a notification when someone else enters or leaves a geofence
  • notifications as note with text or voice
  • automatically record your movements when you turn on your phone or when you start the app
  • manually record your movements with the start/stop icon
  • allows you to stop route recording at any time
  • manage your travel data by naming your routes and adding additional route information
  • search routes by name or date
  • view your travel speed and distance travelled
  • access travel speed and altitude profile with zoom function
  • send travel details as a GPX or KML file
  • adjust the colour-coded display for travel route speeds
  • record locations depending on the time, travel speed, and direction
  • display ignition on/off depending on time and travel speed
  • possible to reset the odometer
Address search
  • display searched address on map
Planned route
  • extensive configuration options of start and destination addresses: own position, map choices, position of trackable, POI, photo, geo-note and phonebook contact’s location
  • creating multiple intermediate destination
  • vehicle routing
  • online retrieval of routing data from the OSRM server
  • individually adjustable update interval
  • widget 4 x 1 displays: destination address, distance from destination, time needed to reach destination, estimated time of arrival
Upload photos to inViu pro
  • upload photos from inViu routes directly into inViu pro
  • automatic or manual upload
  • can be restricted to only upload when there is an active Wi-Fi connection
Connection to navigation software
  • use all locations as a destination address
  • interface to the following navigation apps
  • Navigon
  • PTV Navigator Truck Navigation
Photos and Points of Interest (POIs)
  • able to take and rename photos directly in the app with inViu routes
  • create, name, and search POIs
  • assign photos and POIs to your travelled routes
  • view all trackables, routes, photos, and POIs together on the same map
  • displays the addresses on routes, photos, and POIs
  • map features and info for POIs, and photos
  • share photos and positions
General information
  • offline mode: no inViu routes data leaves the phone
  • capable of sending and uploading data only when there is a Wi-Fi connection
  • uses OpenStreetMap©, an open-source map
  • available languages: English, German, French, and Spanish
  • GPS power saving mode: GPS switched off when there is no reception
  • choose between metric or imperial measuring systems
  • help function available
  • password-protected settings
  • chart scale can be switched on and off
  • timestamp can be switched on and off
  • map can be hidden to reduce data costs
Customised screen and menu bar design
  • choose between one or two menu bars
  • possible to swap the first and second menu bars
  • placement of the menu bar: horizontal or vertical
  • show or hide the menu bar
  • each icon can be dragged and dropped into the menu bar or removed from the menu bar
  • sequence of the icons is customisable at any time
  • with a long click on an icon it can be replaced with another icon or photo
  • show or hide the sub line that displays the icon function