ENAiKOON v-locator-mobile is a low-cost mobile application used for communication between mobile employees and the dispatching centre.
The ENAiKOON v-locator-mobile is a mobile app designed to improve the written communication between the head office and its mobile employees and effectively organise their daily workflow.
In the field

Used in any industry requiring vehicle or fleet management, such as transport, logistics, taxi, courier, and construction industries. It is suitable for organisations that require mobile phone usage for their employees.

Main features

This application allows you to get precise GPS locations of mobile employees’ phones. It displays the trackable’s routes, distance from the user, and travel speed. It helps facilitate economical, organised, and clear communication between the dispatching centre and mobile employees for job assignments and status reports (e.g. busy, break, accident, etc). You can receive alerts when a trackable enters or leaves a predefined area – geofence – and streamline cost centre allocation for field service operations.

Technical details
  • Compatible with Windows® Mobile 6.5 and Blackberry®
  • Low-cost communication through GPRS possible
  • Easy integration with existing backend software
Please contact us to find out our app’s compatibility with your mobile phone.
Packaged combos

ENAiKOON v-locator + inViu pro + ENAiKOON tour-checker= improved job scheduling, written communication, and fleet dispatching that result in increased productivity and profitability

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