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    "With ENAiKOON's telematics solutions we
    increased the performance of our vehicles by 40%."
    Karsten Hiehle, CEO of Legend, Dresden
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    Our compact
    GPS devices

    Cutting-edge technology for pinpoint
    GPS tracking and data monitoring
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    GPS tracking app for recording routes of mobile workers and displaying trackables on the map

NFC Security Bag Tracking

Security bag tracking is important for the safe and tamper-proof transport, storage, and safekeeping of sensitive and valuable items.
Read more about on our blog.

NFC Security Bag Tracking

GPS tracking solutions tailored to your business

  • identify and monitor your goods
  • prevent your goods from theft
  • improve the management and scheduling of jobs and employees
  • save time and money by efficiently planning routes and reducing fuel consumption
  • create better reports and improve internal communication
  • made in Germany

For a detailed look at the online vehicle tracking software inViu pro simply click on the button below and then click on demo above the sign in box.

ENAiKOON´s software solution

A multi-functional and user-friendly software, inViu is a highly secure web-based application that processes your telematics data with pinpoint accuracy.

ENAiKOON GPS devices

We offer cutting-edge German made technology for pinpoint GPS tracking and data monitoring. Browse through our range of devices.

ENAiKOON's GPS mobile apps allow you to track assets and connect with your team using your mobile phone.

Have remote control and back-up data while saving and sharing routes with family and friends. Learn about our mobile apps - now available for Android, Windows mobile, and Blackberry.