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Open-source project OpenCellID reaches 5 million unique cells

OpenCellID 5 million cells


Yesterday, the open-source project OpenCellID reached over 5 million unique cell tower IDs! Thanks to contributors from around the globe, the project is closer to its goal of collecting every cell tower ID in the world!


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the project, OpenCellID collects GPS positions of cell towers using various mobile phone apps. The collected open-source data is used for GSM localisation, which, unlike GPS localisation, uses less power on your mobile phone, takes less time for the time to first fix (TTFF), and can be used inside buildings and remote areas without GPS reception.


The OpenCellID project was recently adopted by ENAiKOON, now the current project maintainer. The company’s managing director, Markus Semm, was drawn to its philosophy of using crowdsourcing to help improve cell localisation – a clear benefit for the general public. His goal is to continue to offer the open-source database without membership fees or any additional cost.


Some updates have been made, including the new UI on the main website that now shows real-time data, bar charts, and a map view. There is also a new OpenCellID Wiki site that gives general information about the project, lists various cell ID-collecting mobile apps, and provides the API. The Wiki site also has a Public Pages section that allows members to share their findings and start discussions.




Contributing to the project is easy! Simply download an app on your mobile phone that collects cell IDs and take your phone with you wherever you go! The data will either automatically be uploaded to the database or manually. If you’re not already a member, check out the list of apps available, follow OpenCellID on Twitter, and join the community today!


OpenCellID is always looking for cell ID database donations and partners. Contact Markus Semm if you would like to donate to or collaborate with OpenCellID.