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inViu OpenCellID
inViu OpenCellIDcollects the GPS positions of GSM cell towers. By using the data from CellIDs it can significantly improve positioning in areas with no GPS reception.

inViu can be used at no additional cost, offering a download of the complete Open CellID databank from the open source project, OpenCellID.

Register for an inViu account and you can add up to four Android phones to your account – free of charge. See their locations and track their movements online in our inViu web portal or in the inViu mobile app, inViu routes.

Your privacy is important to us at ENAiKOON. That’s why we do not collect or send your data, locations, and movements to third parties. At ENAiKOON, we promise that your data is only collected for use and display in inViu. Outside of this use, there is no other collection of data from your computer or mobile phone.
inViu OpenCellID at Google Play
Main features
Gathers GSM CellIDs
  • collects the GPS coordinates of GSM cell towers
  • automatically collects cells IDs with app startup (requires GPS receiver)
  • sends collected data to the server of the OpenSource project, OpenCellID
  • sends data automatically or manually when Wi-Fi is available
General information
  • offline mode: capable of sending and uploading data only when there is a Wi-Fi connection
  • choose between metric or imperial measuring systems
  • available languages: English, German, French, and Spanish
  • help function available

The objective of collecting the OpenCellID from GSM cell towers is to increase the availability of these IDs for use in finding locations.

When no GPS signal is available, or the signal is not strong enough to locate the trackable inside of a building where the GPS reception is poor, then the Cell ID from the nearest GSM cell tower can be used to give a reasonably accurate position.

More details can be found on the website The exact position of a particular GSM cell tower can be found on the cell location page with a free query.

Packaged combos

OpenCellID + routes + GPS-details + mobile-protector + traffic-counter = all GPS apps are a perfect match

The inViu OpenCellID app is available for download on Google Play: